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Tycho Shares New Single and Video “Time To Run” – Out Now on Ninja Tune

July 11, 2023


Shares new single & video “Time To Run”
Out now on Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop
First glimpse at new music to follow

Tycho has shared a brand new single and accompanying video, “Time To Run”, out now on Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop.

Opening the next sonic chapter for Tycho’s work, on “Time To Run” Tycho’s signature glowing pops of synth refract around a jagged guitar motif and driving beats for a vivid and energizing track. The vibrant new single sees Tycho return to the classic instrumental work he is known for, after experimenting with vocalists for the past few years. It also sees him working with new collaborators including Kaelin Ellis on drums and Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor on mixing duties.

“My goal was to approach the composition from a new angle and let the rhythmic elements take the lead” says Hansen. “I cast the melodic elements that have come to define the Tycho sound in a new light by juxtaposing them against a new foundation that takes cues from funk music.”

Similarly to Tycho’s 2013 hit “Awake”, new cut “Time To Run” was built around one of Tycho guitarist Zac Brown’s riffs. “Time To Run is exactly what I imagined process-wise” Brown comments. “Scott took the initial guitar idea, which was a prettier and subdued vibe, sped it up and gave the guitars a sample based treatment, which along with adding a staccato synth bass made the track super funky and bouncy.”

“Time To Run” comes with a cinematic video, directed by Patrick Elmore.. “The video for Time To Run is autobiographical based around a cross country meet I ran in” he continues. “Cross country races can be a very solitary pursuits; spectators, coaches and officials are all there at the starting area but once the race begins you disappear into the woods where it’s just you against the other runners, carrying all the of expectations of the outside world. The intense pressure and overwhelming physical stress of the moment can make you want to just keep running and never look back. This story is about letting go of the expectations of others and finding your own peace and fulfillment.”

Tycho returns with this blazing and biting release. Fully embraces the multi-layers and dense atmospherical complexity as per all Tycho creations but the track explores funkier foundations and more abrasive textures and the result is cathartic. This is a truly invigorating new arrangement that will consume the audience as they cherish the mighty waves of this track’s course.

“Music has always served as a kind of meditation for me, long before I started creating it” Scott Hansen explains. “As a competitive runner throughout my early life I would play back loops of songs in my head to cope with the stress of races, focusing on rhythmic elements to help pace myself and stay calm. There is a unique form of clarity that I have found through the meditative practice of running, it is a fundamentally human experience and when I feel the deepest connection between the mind, body and nature. Time To Run is my attempt to translate these ideas into music.”

“Time To Run” is the first glimpse at a new body of work – more information set to follow in due course.

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