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PARCS Return With New Single & Video For “Heaven” | Single Special

June 30, 2023
Nicholas Moylan (Parcs Facebook)

PARCS Return With New Single & Video For “Heaven”

Following their phenomenal EP release, “Dawnsio Trist”, which came out in 2022, PARCS are now back to follow said EP up with their new single “Heaven”, an absolute masterpiece of synth power pop magic.

Following the release that came out via Rose Parade Recording Company and marked an explosive return and propelling the band from their hiatus back into the world, PARCS went on to play some pretty incredible shows sharing stages with the likes of Johanna Warren, Gillie, Modern Studies, Murder Club and more.

Kicking off the new year, PARCS shared on socials details of a new line-up change and have been teasing their fans with hints something big is to come. Today, that tease has been revealed- PARCS release their new single “Heaven”. Accompanying the release is a new video, directed by Callum Appleton, which you can see below:

The energy that PARCS continue to put into their vision is something else, it elevates this outfit to captivating status. The band have just released the single for summer, exploring upbeat melodies, dreamy vocal harmonies and a mix of cutting synth tonalities and infectious rhythms. The striking guitar tone directs the journey with this awe-inspiring clarity on full display at the cathartic finale, pushing the melody to new levels and this is backed by the swirling notes and the deep low end cultivated by the bass further adding complexity to the soundscape. This is an expansive exploration.

The emotive harmonies and sincerity of the lyrics layered above the dreamy atmosphere, it gives this expressive drive to the mix. Whilst the audience is embracing those lyrics and understanding the wealth of affection that resonates throughout, it’s once again the quality of the recording that consumes you. Each musician is captured in such a dazzling light throughout the journey, their tones unite and cut through the atmosphere with an addictive enhancement.

With the single of summer now dropped, PARCS are exhilarating and deserves world musical domination. We can’t wait to see this outfit on more bills, more playlists, you name it.




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