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Mt. Yonder Releases New Single “Ones & Zeros” – Out Now | Single Special

June 12, 2023

Mt. Yonder Releases New Single “Ones & Zeros”

Back in April as the Easter Weekend drew upon us, we introduced you to the new outfit Mt. Yonder and their phenomenal debut single. Fast forward a month and alongside live shows, Mt. Yonder have now shared their second single titled “Ones & Zeros“.

Mt. Yonder unites members of Blakfish, The Broken Oak Duet, &U&I, Shapes & The Cape of Good Hope, all musicians which have frequented this platform over our established presence, together they are producing some immense compositions and this can be found in their latest release.

Mt. Yonder consists of Steve Bachelor – Guitar, Gavin Filmer – Bass, Howard Kenny – Guitar and Vocals, and Robert Wisely – Drums. The band was born from an idea that arose when the musicians were at a bit of a loose end, Howard wanted to explore a new setup for his original material. The end results, thrilling.

The new single commences with this spacious drum hit, resonating with this defiant touch, the atmosphere emits this grandeur, and then you are introduced to the fierce and mighty guitar tones that weave this complex yet addictive rhythm, looping with this fierce touch throughout. The outfit boasts this expressive commitment to melody, found in the labyrinth of sweeping sounds and unruly power. The vocal harmonies bring this brooding attribute to the formation and further shift the landscape and its movement, touching on affection to dazzle through the tension. The textures twist and turn and the drum fills further demonstrate the intricate aggression peaking through the vision. This new track offers this sonic journey, underlined by the soaring guitars and infectious additions.

With this new release, Mt. Yonder’s undeniable hooks are impossible to escape, the ultimate trait of the vast scope of compelling attributes. Mt. Yonder in their second single release, ventures deeper into their characteristics, fearlessly blending various styles and sounds which ultimately contribute to this unique listen.

 You can catch the band performing at this year’s ArcTanGent festival, Thursday 17th August.





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