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Small Miracles Release New Single “Mercury” Out Now via Dirty Carrot | Single Feature

May 19, 2023

Small Miracles Release New Single “Mercury”

Out Now via Dirty Carrot Records

Today, Cardiff New Wave band Small Miracles celebrate the release of their brand new single “Mercury”, which is out now via Dirty Carrot Records.

Their vision and music is described as that inspired by the early New Wave movement, they infuse elements of Punk, Blues and Grunge into their genre-bending sound. Their music has a distinctly queer, underground feel, finely balancing heavy grooves and breakdowns with catchy hooks and choruses.

The Cardiff quintet make a statement, with their new release, you embrace their vivid creativity and absorb their smashing new arrangement. The outfit has this impressive and distinct energy that emits in all they do, recorded music, live performances, and their united formation. A truly compelling band with this commanding manner.

Small Miracles are set to captivate with their explosive new single. A track that has this boundless weight embedded into the magnitude of this release.

The track itself is described as a critique of toxic masculinity and a condemnation of domestic violence. It follows the story of a footy-loving macho man and the damage he inflicts on his family, addressing their socio-economic context. It critiques the damming living conditions imposed by the British state, and the cycle of violence that this creates.

“Mercury” commences with this dexterous, angular bass tone and whaling guitar notes, the tone respectfully brings this biting influence from the likes of the legendary Pixies. Whilst the tones collide, and the energy soars, Small Miracles quickly establishes their vision as revolutionary. The formation brings in each musician with this burst of intensity, the vocal notes ooze into focus with this force and vast range, and the harmonies captivate the importance of the lyrics with such intent and exploratory drive. The harmonies and this unpredictable drive provide this commanding presence for the listener to fixate on.

Then the track simply explodes. Jaunty keys join and resonate amongst the very heavy soundscape, the track feels like it’s doubled in size. The keys, rolling rhythms, deep bass slashes and alternating guitar tones, and electric drum hits, are all vital elements capturing the vitality of this outfit. With no warning, the track captures this fierce shift into the voyage.

A nod to the absolutely pristine recording quality of this track. Every ambitious element, every forceful drum hit, every growling riff, the crisp efforts of the aggressive vocal notes and the expressive range. All of which captured with clarity, charm and ability to identify the complexity of every infectious layer, carefully weaved into the fabric of this mammoth journey.

Small Miracles convey this simply intoxicating stamina, their vision fuses so many iconic influences and yet this outfit has just dropped a track that captures all those influences and yet simultaneously delivers this refreshingly unique cut.

Small Miracles comprise of Finn Pelling (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jim Webster (keys, organ), Steve Kenward (lead guitar), James Sarson (bass) and Lucas Eldridge (drums).

Get ready to be blown away with their new single, out now via Dirty Carrot Records.




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