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Orbit Street Releases Debut Double A-Side Single Release “When She Goes // Kind” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Feature

May 22, 2023

Orbit Street Releases Debut Double A-Side Single Release “When She Goes // Kind”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co

Rose Parade Recording Company released their latest collaboration earlier this month. On May 12th, Orbit Street unveiled their debut double A-side single release “When She Goes // Kind”, which is out now.

For those just introducing themselves to Orbit Street, this started in 2019 as a moniker for material that existed between the bounds of musician/songwriter Ursula Harrison’s current projects, Orbit Street has since blossomed into a band exploring the sonic capabilities of both pop and jazz.

Although initially focused on showcasing the personality of Harrison both lyrically and musically, over time the project has become a collaborative endeavour, most exemplified in the periods of improvisation more reminiscent of the band’s jazz tutelage.

Adopting a strategic yet impressionistic approach to writing, Harrison has framed “abstract” journalistic lyrics amongst instrumentation of familiar tones. Where the ensemble demonstrates its unique ability to conjure a new sonic landscape is in its ability to frame the delicate vocal delivery much more akin to indie-pop bands The Japanese Breakfast, The Weather Station and Seafarers.

Orbit Street are ready to dazzle its audience with its sublime new double A-side single release. Commencing with “When She Goes” this landscape twists and turns, evolving with clarity and emitting this wealth of immersive textures and charming melody from start to finish. Immediately propelling the audience into the consuming composition reach cascades this ambitious ambience from the first note, joined with the very commanding and sultry vocal harmonies. The harmonies of Harrison deliver this mighty range and simply ooze this demanding quality. Hooked on the lyrics that playfully move with the journey, shifting with ease, alternating with more fierce nods to softer passages. With the influx of the almighty sax soaring through the very complex world, the audience is taken aback by the commitment of melodic layers and this dramatic flourish.

It’s clear that the quality of the creativity and the vision is at the heart of this soulful single release. Orbit Street have the flawless touch to create cerebral soundscapes embedded with this sincerity and mesmeric grooves.

Kind” delivers this unpredictable voyage and dedicates heavily to the electrifying energy of this rhythmic creation. With fast-paced drum shuffles and addictive guitar loops, this atmosphere embraces a more robust and resilient essence. At over 9 minutes in length, this really is an adventurous journey with much ground to cover. This track captures an array of affection through the cymbal hits and the mighty amplification of the progressive attributes.

The new single release includes the standout artwork above. The impressionism of the music is described as extending to the singles’ artwork which you can connect with, designed and photographed by artist Lizzie Dawson, where Harrison becomes the canvas for a Pollock-esque smattering of colour.

The future looks just as bright as the present for Orbit Street, details of future singles and EPs are already in the mix. The new singles were recorded at Sail Loft Studios with engineer Thomas V Westgaard and were produced and mixed by TJ Roberts.




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