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Silent Forum Return With New Single “Cat Pose” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

May 23, 2023

Silent Forum Return With New Single “Cat Pose”

Out Now via Libertino Records

We are delighted to share and announce the news of the triumphant return of Cardiff (via various cities across the world) based-band Silent Forum. The 4-piece outfit now split their time between Cardiff, London, Bristol and Barcelona, and we are thrilled that despite the distance the musicians are still working on new material, of which their new single “Cat Pose” is revealed today, May 23rd.

We’ve witnessed this outfit progress over the years and the more time that passes, the more developed their vision and their music.

Silent Forum capture this immense energy in the new track, mirroring that of the early 00s/2010s indie pop classic. Their energy seems to have been manipulated into this sonic assault on offer throughout their new single. Silent Forum are back with a bang, bringing this fun, punchy and vivacious lift to their arrangement.

It’s a very bright composition, exhilarating on every level of this ambitious release. The new track consists of this sharp embrace of dance hooks that led the atmosphere into the depth of its charismatic and punchy landscape. The heavily layered composition engulfs the audience with the various guitar textures and rhythmic force resonating from each striking pattern. Throughout the animated intensity plays a very neat course uniting lightness with a brooding tinge. Ending with a shoutout to Yoga boss Adriene, lyrically Silent Forum has covered so much ground that there is a real ease to connect and relate with this vision.

Silent Forum describes Cat Pose as “their first yoga based song – about self care and mental health. Or Brexit and vegetable samosas”. Lyrics based on the band’s experience of YouTube yoga tutorials accompany a buoyant, propulsive mix of reflective guitar and dance rhythms, finding the biting point between melancholy and jubilation.

Silent Forum are here, on top form!




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