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Langkamer Release Second Album “The Noon And Midnight Manual”- Out Now via Breakfast Records

May 18, 2023

Langkamer Release Second Album “The Noon And Midnight Manual”

Out Now via Breakfast Records

Today marks the momentous sophomore album release from Bristol’s finest Langkamer, actually, the UK’s finest, and then some.

We’ve watched this dynamic outfit progress over the years and the clear consistency is the outfit’s stellar songwriting skills. They continue to enthral their audience with their innovative arrangements that unite melody and enormity. There’s a truly enthralling essence to this outfit, they have honed in on their sound yet still deliver such innovative, dynamic creations. Their back catalog can already be defined as legendary and to hear they are continuing to deliver such immersive new material, the energy of each musician refreshingly lures you in.

The new album, which is out via Breakfast Records, can be found streaming below. With physical record release to follow shortly.

Langkamer are one of the most important acts, their ability to deliver such complex yet immersive arrangements consistently, simply sets this outfit apart. Their expressive landscape threads elements of fun throughout, lifting the heaviness at crucial turns.

The new album kicks off with the opener “Sing At Dawn” and immediately the listener is transported into the centre of their crisp atmosphere. The intoxicating soundscapes throughout provide a refreshing restart within each, Langkamer have polished their creativity and they have transformed the album into this mesmeric collection.

“The Noon And Midnight Manual” not only allows the arrangements to capture this wealth of affection but the intricacies of the elements that soar to become the crucial foundation of each track are projected with such a vivid touch. The production qualities of this record resonate with the importance of the record, it’s clear, it’s mammoth, and the tonality of the album blazes, mirroring the energy of Langkamer.

Throughout there is a sense of elevation, each release packs in so much yet this lift bounces from the vision and elevates the audience. At the heaviest arrangements delivering immense complexities, whilst you are truly absorbing every pattern & every harmonic hook, this lightness shines.

Darting rhythms, ferocious fuzz, captivating drum shuffles and clear cymbal hits, dynamic and impulsive tempos range and adapt, the album contains this explosive drive. An expansive release that perfectly explores Langkamer’s crushing tonality and beautifully brash ensembles. Never too heavy in the emotive currents, Langkamer lines their ambience with this playful push. Throughout, Josh provides the most distinctively charismatic vocal melody, swaying through the soundscape, providing this elevated course to the raw lyrical delivery. Consumed by the melody from start to finish, this album is exhilarating.

Working in a remote cottage on the North Yorkshire Moors, the band joined forces again with producer Tim Rowing-Parker. They nestled down for a week in this crumbling bungalow, drawing inspiration from the vibrant vistas of the wild, majestic coastlines and windswept hills. From vale to vertex, from vertex to vale, the result is an album that rises above its humble beginnings and encapsulates the band’s keen eye for musical detail. Each track tells a new story in its personality and production, a new vision of British wonder and woe.

At just twenty two minutes long, The Noon And Midnight Manual is described as displaying a masterful and meticulous sense of craftsmanship. Like a carefully painted miniature figurine, its minute details all come together beautifully to create a body of work far greater than the sum of its parts. It feels like there’s a mischievous spirit running through the album, something playful and nimble, dexterous and jocose, but ultimately unsettled.

We concur, this album is vital.




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