Squid Team Up With Tim Key and Paul Ewen to Share “Lessons”

August 8, 2023
Artwork by Oscar Torrans

SQUID Team up with Tim Key and Paul Ewen to present


Featuring music by Squid’s very own Anton Pearson

Squid are treating the world to a very different listening experience. The band enlisted English poet, comedian and actor Tim Key to record the audio of the Paul Ewen story ‘Lessons’ which fans will have found in pamphlet form inside their vinyl copies of their new album ‘O Monolith’. Anton Pearson from the band has written the accompanying music for the audio which is available for free via Squid’s Bandcamp and Youtube.

The band are huge admirers of Tim and Paul’s surreal podcast ‘London Pub Reviews’ and during the recording sessions for ‘O Monolith’, reached out to Paul asking if he’d consider writing a narrative accompaniment to the record in that vein. On receiving the story it felt only right to see if Tim might be up for bringing it to life in his inimitable way.

Anton Pearson on the project: “We’ve loved working with these two people we really admire. John Fahey’s story insert to his 1967 album The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death, inspired the project, and after reading and listening to Paul Ewen’s amazing work (London Pub Reviews, How to be a Public Author) and talking to him, we found he had a great understanding of our work and exciting ideas for the project. He said he wanted to write a story about an out of touch geography teacher and it doesn’t get much more exciting than THAT! Similarly, Tim seems to have an amazing grasp of Paul’s humour and his delivery takes it to another level, as is the case on the pub reviews series. I went to see Tim on his Mulberry tour and loved it so was very excited to have him involved. It was fun writing some music for the audiobook, I used stems from the album for some of it and built other bits from scratch. I hope people enjoy listening to the audiobook and can pick up on a few themes from ‘O Monolith’ running through it.”

And Paul said of the collaboration: “It’s one of the best collaborations I’ve ever had. ‘O Monolith’ is both brilliant and wonderful, and it’s been a privilege to add some not-so-serious storytelling about serious issues to this seriously good album.

Squid have also just announced the support acts for their upcoming UK/IE and EU tours. Including main touring support from Blue Bendy in UK/IE and shared between Clarissa Connolly and Naima Bock in EU. Tickets are available to buy HERE.

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