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Ivan Moult Releases New Single “Out Of Time” – Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective | Single Feature

April 28, 2023
 Photo by Rhodri Brooks

Ivan Moult Releases New Single “Out Of Time”

Out via Bubblewrap Collective

There’s a new Ivan Moult album on the horizon and to mark the news and a taste of the forthcoming third album “Songs From Severn Grove“, Ivan Moult has now released a new single “Out Of Time” which is streaming below.

For this new album due, via Bubblewrap Collective, Ivan played, recorded, engineered, and mixed all of the instruments himself at his home studio in Cardiff. The album charts a journey of growth and change, beginning with the lockdown during the 2020 pandemic and continuing through Ivan’s experiences of fatherhood and the development of his love and relationships.

The album showcases Ivan’s voice front and centre, with layered harmonies and a soundscape of delay-soaked electric guitars, drums, and bass. The music draws from influences such as J.J. Cale, Nina Simone, and Tim Buckley, creating a fusion of 1960s/70s folk and blues with a contemporary sound. Ivan’s unique and original style remains recognisably present throughout the album.

The first track to be released from the album will be ‘Out Of Time’ is out now and available across all digital platforms.

Ivan explains: “Lyrically it’s a song reflecting on the nature of life and finding meaning in making the most of things and living in the moment. Sonically the song started off after I’d been listening to Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ album and it was quite driving whilst also relaxed but in production it ended up more reverb washed and dreamy.”

An enchanting exploration from the get-go, a truly immersive arrangement that captures this mighty depth of emotion that intensifies with the core hypnotic shuffles that move throughout. The lo-fi traits of the organic ambience solidify the power of the captivating energy that runs throughout.

There’s something magical captured in the new release and the brightness of the release grows as it meanders and twists through this sumptuous soundscape of delicate textures and a rhythmic pull. Ivan has this impressive ability to create meaningful compositions with a deep connection to the fabric of the arrangement and the ability to speak to the listener and alter the mood. Ivan’s vocal range covers this impressive ground whilst always emitting such expressive notions from each lyric and the vivid atmosphere.

Ivan is a prolific songwriter with this flawless skill to weave adventure and affection within each release, identifying themselves as one of the most compelling artists.



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