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Seán Grant and The Wolfgang Returns With New Single “We Are All Of One”- Out Now via Vandalism Begins At Home Records | Single Special

April 28, 2023

Seán Grant and The Wolfgang Returns With New Single “We Are All Of One”

Out Now via VBAH Records

Today marks the welcome return of one of the finest outfits of our time, Seán Grant and the Wolfgang are back with their explosive new single “We Are All Of One” which is out now via Vandalism Begins at Home Records.

The first cut from a forthcoming double EP, out on Vandalism Begins at Home Records this summer, this a bold and darkly hypnotic call to cosmic arms, born out of a synth pulse that throbs into life, forged from an 80s aesthetic, brooding bass rolls and orchestral bombast. 

But bleak times call for rays of light so, scratch the stratospheric sound and gang leader Grant’s lyrics preach a message of unity that marries the mood with psychedicalized sonic flourishes to contrast against the industrial waves of gothically grandiose guitar and distortion-wielding electronica.

“We’re always looking for meaning about why we’re here and we try to gain that from outside of ourselves,” says the frontman.

“But ‘We Are All Of One’ is about recognising the power in us all and realising that it’s a miracle we’re all here in the first place, in this space and this time. This is something to celebrate.

“We are all reflections because, we, as people, are the universe experiencing itself. It’s also true that what you see in other people is a mirror image of what you see in yourself, whether that’s good or bad.”

It’s this philosophic wonder that explodes in the lyricist’s subject matter and offers a deep dive through the layers of Seán Grant and the Wolfgang’s exultant elixir – for those that dare to explore. 

The first principle of which is unleashed in the adoration-ready fist-in-the-air finale to ‘We Are All Of One’, as Grant chants: “I paint a picture with my eyes closed, I sing a song with my mouth closed, we are reflections, we are reflections”.

The epic introduction is enough to compel you, electrify you, and hold your attention to carry out the rest of the intoxicating journey. The ambiance commences with this volatile feel, sweeping into the biting depth of the tones, the unmistakable expressive vocal harmonies from Seán, and the rolling rhythms. The track surges with this fierce energy and showcases this challenging aggression laced with meticulous attention to detail through the softer melodies.

Seán brings more insatiable synth sounds to the front of this mammoth creation as this track intensifies throughout its journey, adding more darker textures, powerful sustained hits, boisterous attributes, and this belting commitment. All whilst the contrast of the harmonies propels tender traits into the soundscape.

As the looped, repeated end lyrics we are reflections fall onto the final few notes, the composition shifts the narrative and brings this reflective intimacy to the cathartic final. The journey circles around to a mirrored statement and the audience embraces the words and the affection that emits from the orchestration.

The lyrics contain this wealth of emotion that carries into the composition and alters the atmospheric deliverance, whilst the volume of this vision expands and grips the listener, at the core of this composition, lies fragility, understanding, and connection. All of which are carried from the vocal notes and the insightful lyrical attributes. The progression of this outfit and the importance of their arrangement is something else, continuously adding to the complexity and the essential status of their world and their vivid musical direction.


7th May Single Launch
The Cannon, Newport Pagnell

26th May
The Garibaldi, Northampton

16th June EP Launch
The Castle, Luton





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