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tinyumbrellas Shares New Single “Life Of An Extra”

March 20, 2023
Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

tinyumbrellas shares new single

Life of an Extra’ 

tinyumbrellas (they/she), the moniker of 20-year-old Leeds-based, Norfolk-born DT, releases their new single ‘Life of an Extra’ which is out now via independent label Sevenfoursevensix. The single follows a series of self-released EPs, including 2022’s Kaleidoscope Towns featuring tracks like ‘Please Don’t Make This Weird’, as well as their appearance on the BBC Introducing stage at last year’s Glastonbury Festival.

‘Life of an Extra’ was made with producer Josh Scarbrow (Arlo Parks, Etta Marcus, Eli Smart), and speaks of feeling like a spectator to the perceived glamour of other people’s lives. tinyumbrellas explains;“‘Life of an Extra’ revolves around the sinking feeling of perceiving everyone around you living their fantastic, fun and fulfilling lives, meanwhile you, on the other hand, are not. I imagine the song to be set in Paris (famously the most romantic city in the world)- the setting for so many great stories and films centred around people living their lives with purpose, with loved ones. A lyric that sums up the song is: Someday I just want to know what that’s like, to be the main part of a romanticised life.’

The seeds of the tinyumbrellas project were sown when DT was in their mid-teens. Originally a name chosen at random for their Instagram account – it served as a digital scrapbook of sorts where they shared their various creative endeavours including art, photography and early musical experiments made with Garageband on their iphone. Being just 17 when lockdown hit, 17, they attribute the support of the digital community they connected with as the driving force behind intensifying their musical focus. On a sonic front, DT seeks inspiration from songwriters including Adrienne Lenker, Leith Ross, Phoebe Bridgers, Elliot Smith and Alex G. 

DT also cites films and filmmakers as having a strong impact on both their sonic and visual identity for the project. From Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom to the creations of Studio Ghibli, it’s the ability to craft worlds that feel all at once transportative, adventurous and empathetic which resonate deeply with DT’s own intentions for tinyumbrellas. With a deep admiration for films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Monoke in particular, which are laced with subtle calls to action to treasure the natural world, it’s little wonder that environmental protection has become so intrinsic to DT’s life and art. DT is a passionate climate activist, and as well as pursuing environmental studies, participates in several groups including ‘Climate Live,’ an organisation which runs concerts to spread environmental awareness. ‘Life of an Extra’ is a further window into a compassionate and timely new British talent set to make their mark in 2023. 

tinyumbrellas is ready to sweep you away into this truly tender yet sultry soundscape. An artist we’ve watched progress and gain power within their vision through the last year.

There’s a real sense of intimacy within the lyrics and the lack of boundaries within the work that tinyumbrellas reveals. The boundary-free feeling is one of the most remarkable aspects that DT establishes in the immediate introduction to the new track. From the melodious movement of the expressive vocal range that flows throughout, to the sweeter tones and gentle shuffles, emotion cascades through every attribute of this composition. It’s delicate, hypnotic, and touching.

The new release once again showcases this artist as unique, essential, and utterly compelling. Allowing raw passages to float through the rich tonalities and warm world that you can easily connect to.

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