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A Werewolf! – EP Preview and Interview Feature

March 12, 2014
Mark Hoy

Mark Hoy

Introducing A Werewolf!

For Fans of:  Hella, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Lightning Bolt

Fans of Circuit Sweet by now would be familiar with the name ‘A Werewolf’. Let us formally introduce you to one of the best local bands around, a band that have an entirely rewarding future ahead of them. Having only been together and working as a united act in such a short amount of time, the duo consisting of Niall and Zack are quickly making an admirable name for themselves. Niall is already a familiar and much loved name to our site- known for his incredibly powerful instrumental solo act We Used To Have Horses, which is a resident artist in our online shop. His latest venture is simply outstanding. In fact the band are on the edge of achieving some incredible musical life achievements. A Werewolf are bursting with potential, we can see the talent spilling over the edges and together they are creating

March 28th, the two piece have announced their EP release ‘Because Why Not?’ accompanying the release with a launch night at Worcester’s The Firefly with supporting acts Aulos, Arbor Lights and Brown Torpedo. More details on the event below.

A WEREWOLF! - Because Why Not- - cover

Because Why Not Tracklisting

01 Hellbent On Duck Slaughter
02 Come At Me Bro!
03 Psycho Scientist VS Super Massive Giant Swan
04 I Have To Return Some Video Tapes
05 Sanka Ya Dead?
06 DonkeyBong
07 Chop Yourself Off At The Knees And Pretend You’re Tom Cruise

We’ve been lucky enough to listen to the new 7 track EP ahead of its release and in it’s entirety all we can say is that the record is out of this world. 7 Tracks showcasing the musicians abilities to the fullest. An EP that has no boundaries. A frantic orchestration mixed with Zach Hill Esque Drums and a typhoon of unruly math and ever changing time signatures. Starting the record with alluring feedback fused with ample amount of fuzz before the ‘A Werewolf!’ sound is unleashed, you will be hooked. ‘Come At Me Bro’ takes a gritty turn with an addictive riff that you won’t want to stop complimenting the ferocious drum beats and fills. The energy in the first two compositions is unlike anything else, but  ‘Psycho Scientist VS Super Massive Giant Swan’ twists the current atmosphere and projects a more melodic transition for the pair. The duo create such powerful and raw harmonies on a such an energetic scale.  ‘I Have To Return Some Video Tapes’ is noiserock at it’s best, with a must hear  breakdown. ‘Sanka Ya Dead’ can be compared to Native style drum sounds highlighting the complex skills Zack holds. The duo have this spark with their workmanship which is refreshing to hear, their talent and vitality bounce off one another and they’ve managed to master a niche genre and in doing so their fanbase and their name is about to explode.

“Think Giraffes? Giraffes! guitarist Joseph Andreoli after doing a few lines in the bathroom, strapping on a dashing Hawaiian shirt and going nuclear”Oli Montez
The duo have just unveiled a new video for track “Chop Yourself Off At The Knees And Pretend You’re Tom Cruise” which you can see below.

We’ve had the privilege in spending some time with the two musicians to find out more on their creativity, their live shows and their forthcoming EP release.

A Werewolf!

Arrrr, Circuit Sweet, We have been expecting you. (As we spin around in our officer chairs, stroking our white cats)

Firstly thank you for spending time with Circuit Sweet.

Its is our pleasure, gives us a well needed break from world domination.

Before we get to the details of your forthcoming  EP release ‘Because Why Not?’  we want to get to know more on you- Firstly introduce yourselves- How long have you been playing and performing live?

Niall – Guitars / Noise / Occasional talking

Zack – Drums / Sampler / Even less occasional talking

As A WEREWOLF! we have been writing since January 2014 and playing shows since February 2014 with EP out March 2014. However we have both been in bands from our late and early teens, playing in numerous bands and beat combo’s.

What was it that first got you to pick up your instruments- and then to write your own compositions and direct your creativity?

N – Buddy Holly was the reason I started playing the guitar and why play a sunburst strat, but what pushed my creativity was hearing bands like Botch, Minus The Bear, Tera Melos who really pushed and still push music in all directions, this inspired me to find my own style and to push music forward as well.

Z –  My Dad took me to see Rush when I was 10 and as soon as Neil Peart play one of his famous solos I just wanted to play the drums from then on.

A Werewolf haven’t been around for long, but in the short time you’ve been together you’ve already accomplished so much! You guys are working hard and we are thrilled to support your journey. But for those that are unaware how did A Werewolf! form and where did the name come from?

Aw thanks. We just plucked Aware Wolf out of nowhere but Aware Wolf was taken so we just changed it to A Werewolf! Simples.

What outside influences trigger your creativity and create your unique sound?

N – In regards to outside influences I write riffs while watching Ice Hockey, so I suppose The Toronto Maple Leafs are my outside influence.

Z – I really like anime and reading stuff. I’m pretty nerdy. I don’t know how it influences anything though. I just do music just cos I like it!

How would you personally describe your own sound in one word (Ours would be extreme)

N – Dischords

Z – Sparkles.

In one word, what does A Werewolf mean to you?

N – Everything

Z – Fun

With regards to your debut EP due March 28th  ‘Because Why Not?’ we would love to know the ins and outs on this release. Firstly was it intentionally scheduled for release on our birthday (best circuit sweet 5 year present ever)? And describe your writing process and how you’ve managed to get to the point of this frankly, flawless debut EP release.

It wasn’t planned to  coincide with your birthday, but it is a very happy accident!

In regards to writing, it just happens, not really much thought apart from, is it heavy and weird enough.

From the writing process, the recording process followed, how did this come about and what do you feel your EP captures?

We wrote music, and we liked it, and other people like it, so we recorded it. We feel the Ep captures us as a band very well, live and just weird.

What does the final finished product of your EP personally mean to you both?

N – It means everything to me, I personal am very proud of this EP and what me and Zack have done.

Z – Awesome fun times!

What are you looking forward to most following the EP release?

N – Seeing all my favorite local bands!, we booked bands that we wanted to see.

Live- you’ve already had a few live performances and you’ve got your forthcoming EP release at Worcester’s Firefly with Aulos, Arbor Lights and Brown Torpedo on Friday 28th March. Describe what you think you each bring to your live performances, sell your show.

N – I bring Guitar & Facial Hair

Z – I bring  Drums & Sex appeal

All wrapped up with Hawaiian shirts, random movie quotes and lots of running around.

What can we look forward to at your EP release show? Any surprises?

A night of freaking awesome bands. Then us.

Have you got many live shows in the pipeline?

We have a few and are always  booking more,

28th March – The Firefly, Worcester

5th April – Talk Bar, Birmingham

20th April – The Flapper , Birmingham

Enlighten us to what can we look forward to from you in the future?

Loads of gigging and touring and new recordings, and just general weirdness.

Before we finish all featured artists are asked this- What album or track has been stuck on your turntable, ipod, cd player for a while now?

N – I am always listing to Minus The Bear / Alexisonfire / Giraffes? Giraffes! / Tera Melos but recently Morden Baseball’s – Sports hasn’t left my car, such a brilliant record and band.

Z – I’ve just been endlessly blasting Kingdom by the Devin Townsend Project. So epic.

And Finally any last words from you?

N – Homogenization

Z – Zoot, naaaa, I don’t know man

Thank you both so much for your time with Circuit Sweet. We wish you all the best with the EP release, the live launch and hope you enjoy the endless opportunities that will soon be coming your way.

As mentioned you can catch the duo at their Launch March 28th in Worcester- you can find more details on their facebook event page — . We urge you to support this talented band and

Thank you to Mark Hoy  for permission of his incredible gig photography.


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