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Pynch Share New Single “London” – Taken From Debut Album “Howling at a Concrete Moon” out 14th April + UK tour

March 16, 2023
credit Ben McConnachie

Pynch Share New Single “London”

Taken From Debut Album “Howling at a Concrete Moon” out 14th April + UK tour

Pynch share another cut from their greatly anticipated debut album, Howling at a Concrete Moon, due 14th April.

Co-produced by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab, Howling at a Concrete Moon is an album that discusses both the personal and political, exploring what it has felt like to be young and coming of age in post-austerity Britain. 

New single “London” offers a wistful reflection on the housing crisis in London and growing up during a time of seemingly endless economic turmoil. Band leader Spencer Enock shares: “As a young person, it can sometimes feel like we’ve been cheated in a way and denied some of the more traditional milestones that come with growing up. Even though I’ve written it about London, I think people are feeling similar things in cities all over the world and this song is an exploration of that. It’s quite bleak subject matter but we’ve tried to approach it in a playful way. “

The drum beats and cymbal shuffles play in, and the cutting and angular low-end notes emerge, and already the audience embraces every element of this intricate creation, aware that Pynch are destined to mesmerize. Sure enough, the vocal notes join, which are clear, concise, and oozing melody and character. A vivid and sweeping landscape grows, and the progression delves into a heavier trance. As you absorb the emotion bouncing from the vocal notes and more importantly the intimate, melancholic lyrics, the elevated delivery of the melody allows this striking contrast to the doubting, intrusive world of the lyrical journey. The melody and the dual harmonies which back the notes add this very crucial air of positivity amongst the very bleak and raw words. As this exploration expands, the experimental elements soar.

Pynch are on their best form, capturing so much within their work that they can speak to so many. Pynch pulls on your attention and delivers yet another flawless release.

Spencer adds: “Shooting the music video was so much fun and it’s definitely our most ambitious one yet. We hired a Rolls Royce, put on our best suits and tried to capture as much iconography of the city as we could. It’s another video that we’ve shot on super 8 and we love how the footage has come out!”

Live Dates:

Thurs 20th April – Where Else, Margate
Fri 21st April – Moth Club, London
Sat 22nd April – Hope and Ruin, Brighton
Sun 23rd April – Heartbreakers, Southampton
Weds 26th April – The Adelphi, Hull
Thurs 27th April – The Castle Hotel, Manchester
Fri 28th April – The Crofters Rights, Bristol
Sat 6th May – L’International, Paris
Fri 12th May – V11, Rotterdam



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