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PEACH Release New Music Video For “Bad Touch” | Video Exclusive

February 17, 2023


Unveil New Music Video For “Bad Touch”

Video Exclusive

Bristol-based post-punk quartet PEACH celebrate the release of their brand new music video for the explosive track “Bad Touch”, and with that are ready to certify themselves as your new favourite outfit.

PEACH, individually, consists of musicians that have frequented the site for their work in outfits No Violet, Emily Breeze and Tax the Heat. Together, Ellie on vocals, Andy on Drums, JP on guitar, and Tim on Baritone unite to create this electrifying collective.

The outfit are currently working hard towards the release of their debut album which is due this Summer. To keep us all fixated on their vision, we are delighted to share their new video for their first single “Bad Touch”. The new video featured below comes from their collaboration with the film company Holding Hands with Horses, the video is produced and directed by Lee Kiernan of IDLES and Charlotte Gosch. Prepare to be visually hooked on the ferocious release.

PEACH shine through their gritty landscape, fuelled with fuzzy abrasive tonalities, brash and bold big drum fills, and complex scratchy low-end. The angular formation of this powerful ensemble captivates with the destructive accent. As the release delves into its crucial voyage, cymbal taps lift the robust atmosphere elevating the heavy hits as Ellie devours the world with expressive vocal notes and immersive harmonies. Ellie’s raw lyrics allow the vast wealth of character and attitude to sweep into the affectionate notes played out through the almighty world. The lyrics resonate with importance and this fearless cry, emotions are therefore allowed to channel the lead personality. Clear in their first single PEACH‘s sound perfectly encapsulates this refreshing amalgamation of their punk roots fused with heavy rock tonations.

As the track plays through its compelling journey, one thing is clear from start to finish, found within the recording and captured in the new video, PEACH emits such ebullient energy. The chaos of their creations simply consumes you.

The single was first aired on Daniel P Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show and is taken from their debut album which was recorded on tape with Pete Miles at MiddleFarm Studios.

Devout to PEACH, make sure you follow their socials for more news.




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