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two blinks, i love you Announces Debut EP “EP 1” Out May 5th via Heist or Hit & Shares New Single “carnegie hall”

February 17, 2023
Photo Credit: Kate Davies

two blinks, i love you announces debut EP – EP 1 – for May 5th via Heist or Hit

Shares new single ‘carnegie hall’ 

two blinks, i love you announces his debut EP – the aptly titled EP 1 – for release on May 5th via Heist or Hit. The newest single taken from it, ‘carnegie hall’, is out now and streaming below.

two blinks, i love you is the new project from Liverpool-based songwriter Liam Brown, best known for his work as pizzagirl – where he built zany, aesthetic bedroom-pop worlds across two albums admired by VICE (Noisey), The Guardian, The FADERPASTEBBC 6Music and Radio 1, and more.  

At the end of last year he emerged in this new guise with the austere but emotive debut single ‘i love you’ – and quickly caught the attention of PitchforkThe IndependentThe Evening StandardThe Line of Best FitCLASHDORKAtwood Magazine and more. 

The finely honed sound calls to mind the wistful off-piste ruminations of Alex GYo La TengoElliott SmithSnail Mail or Hovvdy. In a similar vein to these contemporaries, Liam does not aim for gloss and sheen, rather he embraces messy human flaws, as he explains: 

“’carnegie hall’ encompasses all the elements of two blinks I had in my mind when starting this project. Production-wise I wanted to stay true to the feelings and motivations I had going in. This was to keep everything in the real world for the listener as best as I could – embracing and encouraging the imperfections in my recording and performance, and also collaborating to achieve that if necessary. This song is an example of that in terms of collaboration – my good friend Rachel Dover joins me on this song to play violin. This really lifted the vision I had for this song in its demo stage.” 

With the new single from the moment the audience is drawn to the compelling landscape, you are hooked on the familiar warmth of the tones, the vibrance of the resonating guitar strings, and the delicate vocal notes that ooze such affectionate importance into the exploration. This artist continues to enthrall, excite and explore such immersive instrumentations.

two blinks, i love you once again offers this beautiful composition that perfectly captures the immense songwriting skills. The ability to produce a track with countless hooks and the most touching array of emotions which embed in the core of the ensemble.

The track brings this reflection to an early 00s acoustic classic that helped shaped your youth, the power of this artist really is outstanding. The new release will frequent your world, hooked from the first listen this track will play out again and soon establish itself as vital.

Liam has moved on from the pizzagirl moniker  feeling he didn’t identify with it any longer. 

Whilst he looks back on it with fondness, being in his late teens when it launched, and releasing and performing songs written even earlier, it reflected a youthful appetite for aping trending subcultures as costumes and characters for semi-fictionalised stories. A world of memes, shitposts and maximalism deflecting away from his own personality. 

two blinks, i love you is naturally more mature in perspective and output, and true to himself; indebted to better self- understanding and grounding as he’s gotten older. 

EP 1 will be the first full project from two blinks, i love you and is out May 5th via Heist or Hit – new single ‘carnegie hall’ trails this now.


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