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Wings Of Desire Release New Single “Runnin” – Out via WMD Recordings & Headline February Tour

January 31, 2023
Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

Wings Of Desire Release New Single “Runnin”

Out via WMD Recordings

& Headline February Tour

UK duo Wings of Desire release new single ‘Runnin’ – heralding a longer-project due later this year. 

Creating music and visual arts that speak to the complexities of life against an immersive and sentimental backdrop, Wings of Desire shine a light on the human experience we all encounter, and remind us that there is more to living than what we’re served algorithmically on a daily basis. As they detail the key message of ‘Runnin’’: 

“Running endlessly in circles under the tight grip of a culture designed to distract us from ourselves. Do we still believe that the internet knows what’s best for us? Maybe it’s time to get off the wheel and see what’s outside.”

Wings of Desire deliver this mammoth euphoric ensemble, a track simply bursting with this enveloping energy and a vast landscape filled with intense sweeping highs and a rich tapestry of textures. This addictive Horrors-esque big riff kicks this track off and you are hooked. As the riff progresses with the instrumentation, your attention turns to embrace the sublime vocal harmonies that take hold of the intense atmosphere. The brooding vocals just lift you, yet it’s the raw lyrics that provide that real connection to this track. “Runnin’” is a beautiful ensemble, the deep vocal tones just attack your senses and the orchestration builds up to an elated finale.

Wings of Desire crafts a complex vision that will continue to consume you- easily a groundbreaking band.

Operating at the intersection between pensive reflection and brash catharsis, Wings of Desire’s gritty dream-pop aims to resolve on a life-affirming beat. Unafraid to look beneath the stone and observe an underworld of destructive social tendencies, there is nonetheless an optimism that things can be different.  

The project is born out of questions that may never be answered. James Taylor and Chloe Little – creative duo and founding members – draw inspiration from the seminal music of early noughties NYC, Factory Records and Krautrock as well as the philosophies of 20th century thinkers and futurists as Alan Watts, Noam Chomsky and Wim Wenders.

In a sonic sense, they zero in on a particular lived experience as a key catalyst:  

“We were inspired by a trip to Berlin where we visited the legendary Hansa studios, and got drunk at Neues Ufer.”  

The former guildhall’s iconic acoustics and enviable thread of musical history (at times the haunt of David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and more) makes a perfect spiritual home for the band’s celestial command of sound and emotion. 

8th February – Manchester – YES
9th February – Sheffield – The Factory
10th February – Newcastle – Bobiks
11th February – Glasgow – The Poetry Club
13th February – Leeds – Oporto
14th February – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge
15th February – London – The Lexington 



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