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Sleemo Sign To Beth Shalom Records & Share New Single “Dog”- Out Now

November 6, 2022



Discover Sleemo. The Norwich heavyweights return with the follow-up to their 2021 sophomore EP, they release their new single “Dog” via Beth Shalom Records. The new single is described as a hard-hitting track calling out provocateurs and agitators for what they truly are. Having spent the last year developing their sound whilst touring and performing alongside the likes of Jamie Lenman, DITZ, CLT DRP, Torus, Enola Gay up and down the UK, this single signifies the start of a new chapter for the band.

Discussing the single, Sleemo states, “Dog is a song about people getting too involved in a friendship/relationship, creating rumors and fake stories which can crumble that relationship. A person shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of someone else, everyone can speak for themselves but some people find the need to slither their way into any situation to make it worse without knowing the full context of what’s going on with that said person. Some people can’t live with what they’ve got so they involve themselves in other people’s lives for some excitement.”

Sleemo brings this robust and raw enthralling commitment to their consuming composition. This devouring and dark angular arrangement hooks the audience and transports them onto the most colossal voyage. The complex ambiance provides this brutal touch, led by ferocious rhythms, gritty tones, and this unpredictable nature that simply explodes throughout the chaotic breakdowns.

This arrangement from start to finish is gulped with this ardent intensity, as the audience falls into this trance led by the jagged guitars, the attitude that emits from the vocal notes, shapes that sincerity. The vocal notes shine, abrasive yet alluring, capturing this wealth of expressive angles into the already almighty atmosphere. Piercing the deep textures with a melodic movement.

The chugging breakdown allows some space to enter the dynamic creation mid-way, the injection of silence hitting against the dense low-end will cause shivers, before the slow movement starts to build again with this epic enforcement.

Sleemo brings this refreshing touch to their vision, this unique character captured at every twist, propelling their complex prowess further into their crucial composition.


15/12 – Norwich, Voodoo Daddy’s Showroom




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