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Hunter Ellis Releases New Album “Princess Daddy” – Out Now via Earth Libraries| Album Feature

October 27, 2022

Hunter Ellis Releases New Album “Princess Daddy”

Out Now via Earth Libraries

One of the last summer days of 2022 was celebrated with the release of the new 8-track album “Princess Daddy” from Hunter Ellis. We truly are in awe of this musician, the majority of the time that Circuit Sweet has been running, we’ve been witnessing and embracing the work and progression of musician Hunter Ellis. Treasuring this immense catalog of releases leading up to this stand-out record which deserves your full attention.

The new album has been out for around 2 months now and from its release day inception and first-listen through to your repeated weekly play, Hunter Ellis has cultivated this body of work which expressly exudes a timeless attribute. A record that covers such a wealth of influences, identifying this complex range of tones, stories, and emotions.

Princess Daddy is described as a labor of love that features many of Hunter’s favorite musicians and friends. The album was recorded at Prarie Sun and Hunter’s own Koala Pocket Studios, mixed by Hunter and Stu Markham, and is 40 minutes full of dense, fully realized psychedelic surfgaze. This LP is the culmination of one and a half years of writing and collaborating with musical friends, both old and new. Hunter is joined by Label-mate Lady Dan, James Terris, Ashley Allred, Andy Pitcher, Gabe Katz, Linden Reed, Asher Katz, Brandon Hendrickson, Ian Simpson, and more. The drums were one of the last things recorded on Pete Townshend’s Neve console before it was parted out in 2022. The title and many lyrics come from Hunter’s daughter Alma, who was 2 and 3 during the writing and recording of this album. The album art was designed by the god-father of Hunter’s daughter, Clay Hickson.

The entire album commands your full attention as you engross yourself in this visceral vortex of a journey, every part consuming and cut with this lasting magnetism.

Tracks such as “Exit Wounds” and the title track “Princess Daddy” stand out as they continue to develop these almighty atmospheres, a structure that grows, the intensity continuously shifting and bringing new lashes of angular attributes, fierce tones, and this devouring volatility which allows this unpredictable attitude to ultimately flourish.

Lil Rocks” and “Round The Corner” both follow this shift in the intricate ambiance, focusing on the layered attributes that weave through the landscape to emphasize the melodic structure, whilst lyrically this reflective appeal sustains such sincerity from Hunter and the harmonies on offer throughout. Powerful, unique, and yet a clear contrast between the two visions which flow with such ease from one to the other.

Ending on the hypnotic finale “We All Fall Down”, touching on the familiar nursery rhyme whilst injecting this colossal conviction to the soundscape, reimaging with this maturity and tainted abrasive hits. The chaos consumes the crushing aspect of this momentous finish, an explosive end to the gallant journey of the entire album.

Hunter captures this remarkable energy reflecting from each composition and capturing the distinct charm and unique power of all musicians involved. This fearless commitment flairs up through the darker attributes that soar, arrangements that explode with elevated climatic crescendos. Hunter brings this confidence to the record by proudly offering such a complex range of textures and hooks throughout. This is a powerful record from start to finish, a record which has been recorded to the highest quality and captures the best of all musicians that touch the world of “Princess Daddy“.

An album that boasts this purity above all else. The new 8-track album is a record that seizes the audiences’ own time and allows the advanced range of melodies to mold your own mood, an expressive collection of songs that any listener can so easily connect with. Vivid, adventurous, and essential.

Hunter Ellis finds his stride with this touching album, creating this animated architecture within the instrumentation and threading affection through the lyrics that unite both parts in the perfect amalgamation.


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