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Freyja Elsy Set To Release New Single “Golden Hour” – Due October 28th | Single Special  

October 26, 2022
 Photo by Ed Townend

Freyja Elsy Set To Release New Single “Golden Hour” Due October 28th

Following the stand-out single release “Requiem” which was released at the start of Summer earlier this year, Freyja Elsy returns with this stellar new release “Golden Hour” which is due independently this Friday, October 28th.

Freyja Elsy is an independent songwriter and composer who is described as producing layered, striking music from her home studio in Cardiff. An artist that deserves your full attention and support. Freyja incorporates both pop technique and classical influence under her own momentum and direction, she has already released two well-received singles-“Lungs” in April 2021 and “Requiem” in May 2022. Now her third single “Golden Hour” is just days away from its official release and the track has been described as encapsulating the nervous joy that comes with change and seeking the strength and bravery to take a different path.

Single Artwork by Freyja Elsy

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From the first note of “Golden Hour” this sublime energy enriches the landscape, the bountiful textures emerge and showcase this pure atmosphere, the perfect stirring surrounding for Freyja’s harmonies to shine.

The cadence of the vocal experimental attributes pan left to right and starts to sculpt that expressive landscape, crucial tones join the arrangement and shift the complexities. The looped beats and notes transform the ambiance with this reflective current, whilst the lyrics poignantly craft this vivid and raw world that the listener effortlessly recognizes a deep connection

Freyja has this sincerity within her vocal tones, as the lyrics enhance that sincere attribute cuts through the landscape and ties the vision with this immense wealth of affection. This is a provoking journey filled with compelling hooks and heart-felt intricacies, this ensemble simply celebrates its title. A joy to transfix on this warmth that only Freyja can call her own. The feathered layers of the delicate release assist with the gripping influence of this new single, Freyja has created this refreshing image within her body of work, a track that from the first listen embodies a timeless feel.



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