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Seán Grant and The Wolfgang Release New Album “333” Out Now via VBAH Records | Album Feature

July 15, 2022

Seán Grant and The Wolfgang Release New Album “333” Out Now via VBAH Records

July 8th saw the welcome return of Seán Grant and The Wolfgang and the triumphant sophomore album release “333“. The new 9-track album is out on new home VBAH Records and welcomes Seán‘s delve further into such obscure and expressive pieces. The new album develops this range of brooding and lasting landscapes, an album where this fearless approach to intimacy resonates from the lyrics whilst Seán Grant and The Wolfgang hone their skills to connect to the audience. The album is a vivid, complex and wild ride from start to finish.

Opener “Montreal (Watch Me Bending)”, which was first released back in April, the striking opener simply engulfs the audience immediately and hooks them on the expressive journey they are about to embark on. Pelting the listener into the center of this mammoth creation, initiating the intense journey with the most visceral of textures, bold, dark, and cutting. The thunderous synth notes layer this deep, deep, unstoppable low-end whilst the rolling, progressive drum beat staggers the intensity and emphasizes the complex depth of this vast ensemble. The thick tones sculpt the immersive landscape and Seán enters the formidable atmosphere with the contrasting vocal notes and addictive pull to those rich harmonies. Raw lyrics hook the audience as Seán’s vocal melodies bring this delicate, intimate influence into the release. Allowing this stark distinction between the brooding tonality and the honest lyrical values, Grant’s dynamic vocal range twists and turns throughout the composition, and the notes ooze such charisma. When the exploration suddenly slows to break, adding this immediate re-introduction to silence, the audience finds themselves on the back-foot as the journey takes an unpredictable route before the sudden explosive array of attributes unites and ramps up the chaos once more. Somehow returning to the journey with more aggression, heaviness, and power.

This mammoth first track will leave you in awe and physically alter your mood, from this intense exploration comes the following 8 tracks. Just when you think Seán Grant and the Wolfgang have already captured their heaviest formation, the second track “333Thinkers Anonymous” provides this crushing sensation and captures this vast power. This thick landscape hits you, surrounds you, and consumes you. A dense, hellish, aggressive soundscape scoops you up and keeps you silent amongst the thrashing tones. In this complex twist, the expressive landscape becomes this bed for Seán‘s sincerity to soar. This brutal world combines the raucous tones and striking rhythms with the ethereal harmonies from Seán and eventually a chant-like change, controlling the chaos and unpredictably weaving such melodic outbursts into the savagery of the sounds. One of the most enthralling and electrifying singles on the album, a damning exploration.

Lover’s Charm” shifts the intensity and focuses on this dark post-wave architecture. Amongst that gnarling landscape, the melodic vocal notes blend with the infusion of raw tones as the track hurtles towards this explosive, yet cathartic crescendo. The tones unite and the guitar ramps up the driving abrasive notes, this expressive wall of sound surges sonically, lifted with the ferocious drum fills and crashing cymbals.

“Crucify My Hurt” commences with this immediate introduction to a stark, chilling atmosphere where cutting echoes eluding to the infernal influence which intensifies throughout, growing and adding this hellish spin on the arrangement. Seán‘s more volatile vocal harmonies delicately enter the arrangement, lyrically nodding to the powerful percussion to play in and accompany the vocal notes. As the journey embarks on this sonically sumptuous theme, the instrumentation alternates to bring behemoth energy. Angular attributes chime into the volatile space as the robust ardor emulsifies, the lyrics somewhat damning just as the exploration reflects. Seán brings intimacy to the forefront of this raw release, alternating the dynamic vocal range and exploring this deep and meaningful lyrical tale, showcasing a very fearless character present from the softer passages to the more aggressive bursts. The dark landscape takes the audience on this complex yet vivid voyage, offering variety and this very immersive anarchy. The brooding, post-punk tonality possesses your entire attention, as the instrumentation heads to this expressive and almighty heavy crescendo, this release shifts to the explosive territory.

Elsewhere on the album “Third Eye Twitching”  and “Something In The Water” explore more challenging atmospheres which bring life to the creation embedded in every detail. From the high-octane energy and vivid intensity from the first track to the colossal angular and raw tonality of the latter track, this dark theme runs throughout whilst delivering a record with ample range. “Change The Habit” feels vital, from the warbling synth notes that help grow the comprehensive ambiance to the softer harmonies and focus on the dual-vocal notes elevating the direction of the lyrics. The drums prominently guide the movement with such power as the guitar rhythms address this addictive appeal. The penultimate track “Morphic Resonance 369” brings euphoria to the heart of this ensemble. This track shifts the power and captures Seán‘s pure sincerity throughout, the track which ultimately emits this evolvement, taking the audience to sonic heights before the very moving, lasting influence of “The Flood”– this entire album conveys this compelling range of emotion, courage resonates alongside such immersive character, take a bow, this album is perfect.

Seán Grant and the Wolfgang have their finger on the pulse in terms of the scale of ferociousness carving its way through the entire album. Intellectually adapting this movement of equal parts aggression and fragility. The ability to conjure such raw compositions laced with meaning, affection, and this lyrical story which challenges the listener. The entire album connects to all, from the environment to the deep tones through to the harmonies, Seán Grant and the Wolfgang are unafraid to weave emotion into the vision and persistently push musical and personal boundaries. The emotion of this artist intimately soars throughout the forefront of the dedicated soundscapes, embraced and affected by all. “333” is instrumental in showcasing that fearless nature.





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