October 17, 2018


Leeds 3 piece Irk make ugly, angular, noise-fused, math rock, consisting of drums, bass, and vocals.

Having recently announced the release of their debut album “Recipes from the Bible” on 7th December, Irk have now shared an intense live session video featuring new track ‘I Bleed Horses’, recorded by Technoir Productions in Leeds. Vocalist Jack Gordon comments,

‘I Bleed Horses is inspired by the myriad arbitrary manifestations of horrible masculinity and all the awful bile that is effectively normalised as a result. Parts of the song can be quite triggering, which isn’t fun, but when the most powerful world leader is on record condoning sexual assault with seemingly no repercussions, you have to call out those deceptively widespread groups of society for what they are; rape apologists.
In terms of the live session itself, we recorded 4 songs with Technoir Productions in Leeds. We wanted to keep it as live-feeling as possible so we hammered out a couple of takes of each track and picked the ones that didn’t have glaring mistakes. Hopefully it gives people a wee taste of what we’re like live.’

Entirely self produced by the band, Irk have birthed a lumbering colossus of a record with “Recipes from the Bible”, caked in the world’s filth and brimming with astringent riffs and withering surrealist lyrics. 

Featuring braying sax courtesy of The Physics House Band’s Miles Spilsbury, and shrieking guest vocals from Beige Palace’s Kelly Bishop, “Recipes from the Bible” sees Irk contort their sound into new and terrifying shapes.

Since releasing their debut EP “Bread and Honey” and a split EP with Wren in 2015, Irk have toured the UK and Europe extensively, whilst developing new material.

They have shared the stage alongside the likes of Pissed Jeans, Liturgy, Dope Body, Whores and Blacklisters, as well as a thundering set at Arctangent Festival 2017 (with Converge, Boris, TTNG) and Wrong Festival 2018 (with Alpha Male Tea Party and Future of the Left)

“Recipes from the Bible” was recorded and mixed by Irk’s drummer Matt at Glide Studio, with final touches added by mastering engineer Nick Zampiello (Daughters, Converge) at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Pre-order the album now –
Irk will launch their album with a show in Leeds on 7th December at Chunk. Expect more dates to be announced soon.

Irk is:

Jack Gordon – Vocals 

Ed Snell – Bass

Matt Deamer – Drums

Watch recent video for PSTL CSTL –
‘Filthy, loud, bass-heavy noise rock with a socially aware message’ – Louder Sound
‘ Anxious, paranoid, and unrelenting’ – Overblown 
‘Sounding like a handshake between McLusky and The Jesus Lizard’  Terrorizer
‘The trio churn out brash, abrasive tracks that hit hard and groove even harder’ – Punktastic

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