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Eades Release Music Video For “A Welcome Goodbye”

June 25, 2022
Photo Credit: Sam Joyce

Eades Release Music Video For “A Welcome Goodbye”

Taken From Acclaimed Debut Album ‘Delusion Spree’ – Out Now via Heist or Hit

Leeds quintet Eades release the music video for ‘A Welcome Goodbye‘ – taken from acclaimed debut album ‘Delusion Spree‘ – out now via Heist or Hit.

Eades brings their infectious attitude to the forefront of their new video, the single and the film capturing their explosive and incredibly catching energy with such ease. Eades smash their blistering single “A Welcome Goodbye”, raw tonality, bouyant beats and this renowned Eades vibrance soar through the ambitious atmosphere. A punchy composition filled with plentiful hooks, alluring melody and this sonic intensive grandeur.

A stylish, claustrophobic clip, it perfectly echoes the unbridled chaotic energy the band have bottled across their releases, and a live show that is steadily garnering a stellar reputation. The track itself is an immediate scuzzy rush – and sees Tom O’Reilly take lead vocal duties for the first time.

Harnessing a pluralistic punch of new wave, art-punk, garage rock and 90s alternative in a joyously infectious manner, Eades are a gang you want to be a part of. Gorging on the eclectic sprawl of the guitar-music cannon, and latching onto the traditions that get their blood pumping, the resulting maelstrom of sound is at once effervescent, snarling and invigorating.  

Through this sonic swirl they channel the nervous stop-start energy of mid-twenties despondency affected by addiction and mental-health issues, time spent navigating life choices, micro-analysis of friendships and interactions, and yearning for less complicated days. All filtered through a satirical lens, and never lacking in self-awareness. 

Self-produced, and recorded live a la inspirations Parquet CourtsPixies and The Strokes’ early work, there is an energy alchemised by the confidence each individual member has in their craft. This is amplified by the psychic connection established by hours of practice, and the rough and tumble of auxiliary commitments as an indie-band in this day and age. 

Talking on their debut album, the band are bullish. “We went in to record a classic” states lead singer and frontman Harry Jordan of ‘Delusion Spree’. As manifestos go, they don’t come much more straight shooting. “Lyrically, we wanted to talk about issues we’ve been going through without sounding like preachy dickheads” adds guitarist and vocalist Tom O’Reilly.  

The result is a document of a group seizing a moment and making it entirely their own. In order to fully express themselves, it was essential to have no distractions. A remote farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales was selected as the location – “We had 15 days to convert the place into a studio and record 16 tracks.” The sense of urgency had a profound effect on the album, proving central to its authentic, energetic and immediate sound. “It also stripped us of the opportunity to add in any bullshit” drummer / producer Dan Clifford-Smith adds.  

The GuardianFADERNMEDIYBrooklyn Vegan and more have been swept up in the band’s fizzing energy – and DJs at BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq), Radio 1 (Jack Saunders, Gemma Bradley) and KCRW (Travis Holocmbe) have championed on the air. This sets an exciting foundation for a true coming of age on ‘Delusion Spree’. 

The video for ‘A Welcome Goodbye‘ is out now – taken from ‘Delusion Spree’, the debut album from Eades, released by Heist or Hit and produced by Harry Jordan and Dan Clifford-Smith of the band. 



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