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Abbie Ozard Signs to House Anxiety & Releases New Single ‘Grown’ 

January 1, 2022
Photo Credit: Charlotte Rudd

Abbie Ozard Signs to House Anxiety

Release New Single ‘Grown’ 

Manchester’s Abbie Ozard returns with new single ‘Grown’ – her first since signing to boutique London label House Anxiety, home to Bad Boy Chiller CrewGenesis Owusu and Carpetgarden, and instrumental in launching the careers of King KruleCourtney Barnett and Vagabon

Built around Abbie’s transcendent vocals, accompanied initially by simple, sparse piano, before dropping into an epic and atmospheric release, ‘Grown’ is a subtle, yet confident statement of intent. It lays the foundations for an evolution in sound and approach born out of Abbie’s own personal and musical development. Moving beyond bedroom-pop origins, she’s added introspective elements inspired by Phoebe BridgersWolf Alice or Folklore/Evermore.  

Traditionally writing from a point of escapism, she’s instead turned her attention inwards, grounding her writing in personal terms. Having largely collaborated with other writers to date, this is a solo effort – offering further vulnerability. Exemplifying this are the samples that top and tail the track, taken from Abbie’s own family videos. 

Elaborating on the lyrical themes behind the track – which has been a long-time in the making, awaiting the right moment and production to truly bring it to life – Abbie offers: 

“I wrote ‘Grown’ back in 2017, 4 years ago, when I was coming out of a rough patch, and it helped me see the light and accept that things change, people change – they grow, leave your life and meet new people, and that’s totally ok.  

I used to, and probably still do, have a hard time accepting that people come in and out of your life. I couldn’t comprehend that a person can be your best friend for years, and then suddenly become a total stranger – I found it really hard to get my head around.  

I hope it helps other people like it helped me, and I hope it helps you remember that you haven’t met half the people you’re going to love in your lifetime yet, because that to me is pretty cool and comforting. 

 It’s the most important song that I’ve ever written to me, and will likely stay with me forever.” 

Abbie certainly allows this striking single to captivate you, by taking away all boundaries and allowing this immersive ensemble to showcase this expressive world of intimacy. It’s raw, melodic, and utterly moving. Minimal notes build the structure initially but the power comes through the touching lyrics and the flawless range by this artist. All currents lead to this explosive and cathartic finale, such an intoxicating artist.

Abbie emerged initially into a supportive scene with contemporaries Lauran HibberdWhenyoung and Phoebe Green, touring with the former two at personal request. From here, a string of acclaimed singles and EPs, as well as a growing live presence, has seen press takes come in from broadsheets (The Times), indie bibles (DORKThe Line of Best Fit) and style / culture press (NOTIONCLASH) alike. 

Jack Saunders and Huw Stephens have consistently backed across BBC Radio 1, with Abbie McCarthy and Chris Hawkins offering spins at BBC 6 Music.  



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