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Papur Wal Release Debut Album “Amser Mynd Adra” Out Now via Libertino Records | Album Feature

December 15, 2021

Papur Wal Release Debut Album “Amser Mynd Adra” Out Now via Libertino Records

Back in October, Cardiff slacker pop trio Papur Wal released their almighty debut album Amser Mynd Adra (Time To Go Home), via Libertino Records.

Originally hailing from North Wales, the band fully formed in Cardiff in 2017 when Ianto (Vocals / Guitar), Gwion (Vocals / Bass) and Guto (Vocals / Drums) arrived as stowaways on the capital city’s streets. Driven to follow their creativity via their native language, Papur Wal combine fearless slacker influences and infectious power pop melodies into a beautifully raw musical mosaic.

Having had the record on repeat over the last few months, the album really is worth your full attention. The record was deemed as an album that you will go back to time and time again, and that statement really drives home the power of this 10 track release.


1. Rhwng Dau Feddwl (In Two Minds)
2. Arthur
3. Meddwl am Hi (Thinking About Her)
4. Andrea a Fi (Andrea and I)
5. Haul Chwefror (February Sun)
6. Brychni Haul (Freckles)
7. Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday)
8. Llyn Llawenydd (Lake Happiness)
9. Nôl ac yn ôl ac yn ôl (Backwards and Backwards and Backwards)
10. Anifeiliaid Anwes (Fi Efo Hi) (Pets)

Papur Wal set themselves apart by their dedicated driving force and their formidable power, this power is present from start to finish in their lo-fi addictive record. Album opener Rhwng Dau Feddwl gives you the first taste of the energy that this trio conveys. A short yet upbeat, melodic ensemble that quickly defines itself as this landscape that offers this pure escapism. A track with this infectious imagination.

Following this, Arthur lifts the journey with this elevated push. The trio capture this raucous tone from their guitar battling against the sharp drum beat and intensive fills whilst the low-end brooding bass note brings this additional, complex layer to the ensemble. These fruity hooks and bright break-downs keep the audience mesmerized by the standout appeal of this outfit and the single’s unpredictable structure. When the fuzzy notes flurry and bring the power back to focus, the atmosphere heightens and once again showcases that rich and distinct diy tonality the trio produces. Papur Wal once again crafts this essential creation with this alluring melody and air of melancholy, their fierce delivery cuts through the grainy ambiance by that soundscape that accentuates the outfit’s countless crafty hooks within their music. The raw choral harmonies embrace that coarse yet expressive affection, making the lyrics resonate intently.

Throughout the album, Papur Wal leans on this credible influence of nostalgia which resonates throughout their passages and lyrical approach. A powerful move by this outfit which plays into the alluring soundscape they’ve released. Navigating through 10 tracks filled with an array of genres from their enormous grunge riffs and sweet pop hooks to darker, rich angular projections.

Midway, Haul Chwefror begins with this hypnotic rhythm and this clunky chorus effect cascading across the atmosphere, sculpting this immersive world that intensifies as the journey flows. The lead rhythm which emerges at the cathartic finale of this piece, it adds this magical touch to the explosive ensemble, another unpredictable dynamic twist present in the body of the band’s work.

Brychni Haul immediately hooks you almost starting afresh from the complex world which went before, a single previously released prior to the album drop and a track that showcases the dynamic workmanship and all-consuming energy of the trio. At just shy of 2 minutes, Papur Wal set the scene for this atmospherical ensemble, dreamy vocal notes and stunning dual harmonies sit amongst this calming current of celebrated drum shuffles and this gentle tempo. This harmonic rhythm cascades into the journey and adds this immersive vibe to the vision.  Papur Wal captures an alluring melody and air of melancholy within their ensemble, the grainy ambiance within their soundscape accentuates the outfit’s countless crafty hooks within their music and offers this warmth that the audience can find comfort within. 

Penblwydd Hapus embraces a slower beat, gentle harmonies, and this infectious swaying movement from the melody. A stronger, almost serious side from the band as the passages add this depth from the elongated strings and the complex depth added to this instrumentation.

Llyn Llawenydd pushes through the mighty gritty tone and the forceful driving beat to offer this bright exploration which dazzles whilst this ardent energy becomes a fixation for the audience. Papur Wal craft this essential creation with this alluring melody and air of melancholy, their fierce delivery cuts through the grainy ambiance by that soundscape that accentuates the outfit’s countless crafty hooks within their music. Statement bass notes help push the musical boundaries of this enigmatic creation, the raucous and raw choral action from the multi-vocal harmonies bring this playful attribute to this punchy creation. When the vocals all unite the guitar takes focus on its personal and joyous interlude adding another complex layer to the fuzz-filled arrangement.

In its entirety, Papur Wal has crafted an innovative debut, a masterpiece for their first full-length record. Capturing their sincerity and their raw attraction, this lo-fi DIY aesthetic meanders through this compelling journey within each track, capturing this raw tonality within their recording efforts whilst still showing this multitude of power within their vision. It’s affectionate, cleverly capturing this intense warmth throughout whilst the harmony resonates with this charming character that consumes the audience.

Papur Wal are electrifying and the record they’ve created is alluring and ambitious, 10 tracks of something we can class as timeless.




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