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Rona Mac Set To Release New Single “Polidics” November 10th | Single Feature

October 31, 2021

Rona Mac Set To Release New Single “Polidics” November 10th

Rona Mac solidified her status on our radar earlier this year when she partnered with Rose Parade Recording Co to release her new single “Weapon” back in the summer. Since then Rona has been busy back on the live music circuit, performing venues and festivals as well as funding for her forthcoming EP which she has been busy recording. Now, Rona Mac is gearing up for the release of her new single “Polidics” which is set for release November 10th.

If this is your first introduction to Rona Mac, she is described as a self-invented, genre-fusing, DIY singer-songwriter from rural West Wales. She crafts guitar-driven tracks which provide a hooky bed for her distinct vocals and sophisticated lyricism, resulting in wholesome, lo-fi indie-pop with a generous nod to folk and blues sounds. You will be blown away by the lyrical wisdom and sincerity of this artist. Her work producing music that connects to the audience is simply sublime, you will be able to embrace the honest words of this captivating artist.

Rona‘s forthcoming new single “Polidics”, which is the first single from her forthcoming EP due in march 2022, is described as taking her home-production to a new level, fusing her unique sound with this new dance-able zest.

“Polidics” commences with this cutting ambiance, a striking detail focusing on the ethereal vocal tones from Rona who carefully builds her lyrics, layering her expressive harmonies which lend to the crucial building of the intensity and powerfully shifts the intimacy of this ensemble. The minimalist notes that accompany the sweeter vocal harmonies, reinforce the value of the words. Adding this bold emphasis to the lyrics and providing this darker tonality to the ensemble.

Rona Mac describes the track as speaking of frustration at the way things are with consumerism, class and power, ending with a vision where “We’ll rise, a bunch of honest creatures fill the skies“. The compelling body of this arrangement will captivate you, as with her previous work,Rona Mac weaves in this consistent alluring affection which adds this raw touch to the track. You’ll find this unpredictable explosive finale, where the sweeping guitar passage dynamically shifts the mood of this innovative piece, sweeping these vibrant yet ominous notes and tones to offer this further complex texture to the track. The guitar notes provide these dreamy and somewhat freeform immersive noodles which give a nod to this clear 80s influence.

Rona Mac manages to create this immersive and atmospheric composition that offers a touching, sensitive side which in turn, gives a false sense of security for when the power injects into the journey and shifts that direction with such force, Rona Mac adds this fragility amidst the intensive strides which allow the audience to truly embrace the honest words and this bold wrenching of the affection and outlook.

You can pre-save the single here – https://linktr.ee/RonaMacMusic



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