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Holm Shares New Single ‘Erase & Repeat’ – New Album ‘Why Don’t You Dance’ Due 28th January via PNKSLM Recordings

November 2, 2021


Shares new single ‘Erase & Repeat’

New album ‘Why Don’t You Dance’

Due 28th January via PNKSLM Recordings

Danish songwriter and frontman of indie-rock band YungMikkel Holm Silkjær aka Holm, has shared new single ‘Erase & Repeat’, taken from his debut solo album ‘Why Don’t You Dance‘, due 28th January via PNKSLM Recordings.

‘Erase & Repeat’ is a jangly indie anthem in which Silkjær reflects that “Having a predetermined idea of why certain people reach out to you can, at times, leave you disappointed. Being too certain of your abilities can lead to overconfidence. A search for devotion seems senseless if you have lost touch with who you are. This is Erase & Repeat“

Holm commences the new single with this fierce country-inspired influence, abrasive tonality joins the unique vocal harmonies from Holm and the audience is hypnotized by this complex yet charming ensemble.

As this journey proudly showcases this expressive landscape, the voyage the musician and the audience take is simply essential. This formidable and fresh bouncy percussive beat emerges, that with the prominent taps and shuffles accompany the plunging bass notes which brings this mighty depth to the track. Each instrument plays off one another and joins the rhythmic twists on the guitar This explosive melodic chorus sweeps in and soon you become infatuated by the energy, immersive chords, and endless hooks. Holm ups the intensity for this truly cathartic finale before those first few notes re-appear and the journey goes full circle to the final passage.

PNKSLM Recordings would also like to note that due to global vinyl pressing issues this album has been pushed back from the original release date to 28th January.


1. Intelligent Moves
2. Valley of Dreams
3. The Rope
4. K’s Choice
5. Intermezzo
6. Like a Dog
7. Descending
8. Back Home
9. Erase & Repeat
10. Why Don’t You Dance?


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