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Lewsberg Return With Release Of Surprise New Album “In Your Hands” – Out Now

October 31, 2021


Announce Surprise Album In Your Hands
Out Now

UK Tour announced in November

Never ones to go the traditional route, Dutch four-piece Lewsberg have announced new album, In Your Hands, which they released at the tail end of October.

Just like their self-titled 2018 debut and second album In This House (2020), In Your Hands is released by the Rotterdam-based band themselves (and by 12XU in the US).

Having previously cemented acclaim from writers at Mojo, Uncut, Clash, NME, Bandcamp Daily, Under The Radar and more, and drawing comparisons to Television, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground and Parquet Courts, the band will return to the UK this November for a full tour, including a headline date at London’s Moth Club (full details are below). 

For ‘In Your Hands’, Lewsberg was reduced to a three-piece: Arie van Vliet, Michiel Klein and Shalita Dietrich. With nine songs and a total playing time of 23 minutes, it can rightly be called a mini-album.

The new 9 track album showcases this immersive journey from start to finish. Delicate vocal notes kick-off “Departure” against this backdrop of building intensity and a piercing note accompanying the harmonies before “The Corner” leads onto its voyage with additional instrumentation and more complex textures. Baritone vocals and a spoken word effort allow this contrast from the first track, strings join the atmosphere and glide the movement of the ensemble. Elsewhere Lewberg delivers many tracks that depend on this slower tempo to support the insightful lyrics and expressive rhythms. A powerful and alluring record in all its glory.

Live Dates:

06/11, Badlands, Gent, BE
12/11, Crofters’ Rights, Bristol, UK
13/11, Fusion Arts, Oxford, UK
14/11, The Castle Hotel, Manchester, UK
15/11, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, UK
16/11, The Hug & Pint, Glasgow, UK
17/11, Bobik’s, Newcastle, UK
18/11, The Smokehouse, Ipswich, UK
20/11, The Festing, Portsmouth, UK
21/11, The Latest Music Bar, Brighton, UK
22/11, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK
23/11, Moth Club, London, UK
26/11, Rotown, Rotterdam, NL
01/12, Kassette, Düsseldorf, DE
02/12, Aalhaus. Hamburg, DE
03/12, Skivbolaget, Aarhus, DK
04/12, Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen, DK

Sometimes change comes with big shocks, sometimes it comes with small steps. On ‘In Your Hands’, Lewsberg’s new album, a bit of both seems to be happening. Take the second song, ‘The Corner’. A remarkably discreet song: a violin plays a simple melody; a gentle drum loop keeps its finger on the pulse. “This brick is a brick to build”, it sounds, though a little later: “This brick is a brick to throw”. A brick offers many possibilities, for those who want to see it. One time as a part of something bigger to come, the next time just as a simple stone, left on the ground. After all, most things are relative. Sometimes one can achieve more by breaking something than by building something. If you think you can determine which of the two is needed, you’d be fooling yourself.

‘In Your Hands’ embodies the moment when all the bricks are there, but the wall has yet to be built. It’s a moment with perspective, a moment where everything still seems possible, but caution is advised. The album sounds both smaller and more spacious than the previous albums. Guitar chords are plucked instead of fiercely struck, the bass guitar is given more room for melodic explorations, the drum kit is dismantled to just a tom and a tambourine. There is doubt in the lyrics, but it’s a strong kind of doubt. A doubt that can stand in the way of a wrong decision but also invite for a good conversation.

The old Lewsberg has been professionally demolished and the building blocks are on display. Ready for future applications and already finished at the same time. ‘In Your Hands’ is therefore an ode to the potential and a call to carefully give way to it. Just what we need right now. But if I were to claim this so boldly, I wouldn’t have learned much from Lewsberg.

Niek Hilkmann
October 2021


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