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Dummy Release New Album “Mandatory Enjoyment” – Out Now via Trouble In Mind Records | Album Feature

October 31, 2021

Dummy Release New Album “Mandatory Enjoyment”

Out Now via Trouble In Mind Records

Los Angeles band Dummy recently signed to Trouble in Mind with the announcement of their new album which has since been released. Mandatory Enjoyment came out 22nd October and we’ve been addicted to the record since.

Dummy is described as dodging the brooding, dark, dramatic tropes of contemporary “artistic” music often found in punk, experimental, and electronic, instead insisting on joyous and euphoric sonic palettes. They refuse to be artistically stagnant, continuously shifting their approach to writing across 12 tracks.

It’s clear from your first listen to this captivating band that their music will move you, engross you and revitalise you. For this band have no boundaries, they are destined to create these sonically chaotic compositions with a striking appeal and flawless attention to detail.

  1. Protostar
  2. Fissured Ceramics
  3. Final Weapon
  4. Punk Product #4
  5. Cloud Pleaser
  6. H.V.A.C.
  7. Tapestry Distortion
  8. Unremarkable Wilderness
  9. Daffodils
  10. X-Static Blanket
  11. Aluminum In Retrograde
  12. Atonal Poem

As the album starts with “Protostar“, Dummy starts to build this ominous atmosphere built on these essential soaring synth tones which emerge and start to shape the ambiance. With the vocal harmonies joining and carefully layering and sculpting that ambiance with its mighty placement and soft serenading sounds. The vocal harmonies are joined by the experimental piercing beat that joins the vocals creating this addictive quality. At only 1 minute 33 seconds, this short yet snappy ensemble sets you up for the impressive journey ahead.

“Fissured Ceramics” accelerates this electric tonality, consistent raw guitar notes and angular playing join the forceful drum beat and sweeter vocal harmonies which cascade over the landscape. The second track on the album and another composition that clearly focuses on the melody which brightens the ensemble.

Final Weapon” dynamically shifts the mood from the first two tracks and ultimately dazzles. “Final Weapon” engulfs the audience immediately with the insatiable percussive elements and the genius formation of the expressive composition. Dummy contributes layer upon layer into the atmosphere, this vast world is filled with experimental elements, futuristic tones, and at its core this vintage, vibrant warmth. As the record continues we embrace that Dummy have developed and delivered such intoxicating arrangements with a fearless commitment to their impressive energy. Present in each track and so vivid in “Final Weapon“. This outfit manage to create these far-reaching tracks with this hypnotic pursuit, grabbing the audience and keeping them fixated throughout the colossal journey of this album.

Elsewhere on the album, tracks such as “Cloud Pleaser” and “Tapestry Distortion” explore new territories for the outfit, alternating either the singers or the abrasive nature of the tonality and the enticing hooks which fill the tracks. Lyrically both tracks are fronted either by the baritone vocalist or the soprano vocalist, each adding this intimacy to reflect from the words and the harmonies which emit into the expressive and lasting auras.

“H.V.A.C” swoops into focus with this upbeat projection emitting from the immersive rhythms that hold the ensemble. A dance-able track that leads with the bouncy synths and futuristic notes and tones, all of which follow the haunting vocals which rise and fall throughout before the abrupt scale back of the creative layers. The sudden silence leads to this jaunty and punchy, all-consuming crushing transition. Bridging the obscurity back into the midst of the vivacious track.

As the record approaches the final few tracks, the audience embraces “Daffodils”, a single previously released from the band and the perfect taste of what Dummy are capable of. Scratchy yet fierce guitars immediately surround the audience and set the initial ambiance, as the exploration grows and the scale of the arrangement builds with ease, the musicians unite to provide this immersive rich, and bright creation. Delicate high-reaching vocal notes collaborate with the energetic dual-vocals, bringing the high tones with the burning brooding baritone notes to emphasize the lyrics. The dynamic drum rolls emerge with this gritty attitude and immediately pushes the ensemble into the midst of the high-octane journey, whilst the soaring synth notes pierce the atmosphere with this dramatic inclusion, unafraid to take the center stage with the experimental tonality.

As we previously stated with this release, this chosen single allows the audience to understand the explosive reaction of this plentiful force. The power of “Daffodils” obliterates the audience’s sense. We hear each layer and each attribute of the ensemble but the ferocious vigor of each musician ramps up the general intensive passages and that force hits the audience like no other.

Finally, the album ends on “Atonal Poem“. Nostalgic chimes commence the track’s proceedings, this off-kilter passage brings in the percussion with these bright hits. That captivating passage plays extra high notes and suddenly you embrace this gentle harmonic swaying and gentle resonance into the release. The vibe hits you immediately, you embrace every aspect of this atmospherical creation. As the journey develops, dual-harmonies enter the ambiance and leave this affectionate mark. Just over 2 minutes 29 seconds and this experimental tone joins the formidable structure, adding this futuristic feel to the ensemble. The choice of the tone manipulates the ambiance and dynamically shifts the entire track. As the audience finds themselves truly hypnotized by the melodic track, when the raw scratchy guitar takes center stage with the intimate vocal lyrics, Dummy brings in that renowned energy they charge their entire vision with. An alluring creation with a lasting impression, Dummy delivers this mighty soundscape with countless hooks and this rich, addictive quality. The cathartic crescendo leads to a short lyrical journey that laces the entire track with this essential intensity.

With”Mandatory Enjoyment”, this immense outfit has delivered one of the most crucial records of 2021 and then some. Respectfully exploring this ambitious world that captures their fearless energy and flawless songwriting skills. Dummy creates these deep and immersive ensembles filled with a plethora of addictive tones and creative passages. Every musician gives their all and together their united front propels this outfit further into their enthralling journey. Committed to bringing this experimental influence into the center of their innovative creations, all of which assist with solidifying this record as the most memorable and standout record of Dummy’s career to date. We call this record, timeless.

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