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Eve Goodman Set To Release New Single ‘Wave Upon Wave’ Out July 23rd | Single Feature

July 13, 2021

Eve Goodman Set To Release New Single ‘Wave Upon Wave’

Out July 23rd

Discover the sensational sounds from North Wales-based singer/songwriter Eve Goodman. An artist creating such emotional and visionary ensembles which any listener can easily connect to.

Eve will release their new single “Wave Upon Wave” July 23rd, the new single is described as an exploration of the healing power of the sea. Its lilting, rolling melody is one part ‘Bryter Layter’ Nick Drake, early 70s golden period Sandy Denny and the other Eve’s captivating and unflinching musical honesty. ‘Wave Upon Wave’’s emotive heart balances the songs questioning yearning with the need for comfort …… the comfort of being carried along the waves towards an awaiting shore.

Discussing the forthcoming single in more detail, Eve explains the origin of the song:

I wrote the vocal parts in one sitting, and never changed them. In fact, the entire vocal recording is the original demo that I created when trying out ideas late one night. I started off with the simple lilting melody of ‘wave upon wave upon wave’, and loved the way the structure of this sentence means it could go on infinitely. This idea of infinity sparked the next line, ‘day upon day upon day’. The sea is vast, infinite, timeless.The song grew from there really, like a wave rolling towards the shore, building strength and power and beauty.”

The single was recorded and mixed by Luke Evans at Somewhere Studio and mastered by Katie Tavini.

Ahead of the official release we’ve been lucky to immerse ourselves into the single.

This sweet guitar serenade adorns this alluring atmosphere before Eve’s standout stunning vocal notes ooze this emotional enrichment and cascade across the gentle yet foreboding rhythms. The guitar sweeps and dazzles before the notes are accompanied by this tender percussive boost and shuffle. When Eve emerges into the ensemble, an intimate lyrical approach immediately hooks you. Throughout the exploration Eve consistently captures this fragility within their vocal melodies whilst exploring this impressive range, the intensity of the tone highlights this delicate influence and reflective attribute.

The passages all assist with the compelling ambiance and overall aesthetic, Eve Goodman has built this intricate composition that will enhance any listener’s mood. We can all appreciate the volatile words and sweeter softer tones so much so that the atmospherical outlook of this creation pulls the audience into the midst of its territory and lets the honest traits and charming motions wash upon the audience. With the intelligent use of the song title, ‘Wave Upon Wave‘ delivers what it says, Eve focuses this pulsating push across the guitar notes that cascade in such sweeping tendencies that we appreciate the connection between the organic nature/landscape and the lyrical course. Whilst Eve keeps the audience’s attention fixated throughout knowing that the unpredictable power on offer can simply explode at any moment. This really is outstanding, a single release that embraces the enchanting characteristic it conveys.

You can pre-save the single on Spotify now:

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