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Emily Isherwood Releases “See You Go” – New Single Out Now via Breakfast Records

July 16, 2021

Emily Isherwood Releases “See You Go” – New Single Out Now via Breakfast Records

Emily Isherwood has long been an enigmatic presence on the Bristol music scene. From early projects Rink and Nugget to her current solo incarnation, she has developed an intoxicating blend of melancholy pop, shoegaze and RnB that transcends the genre tropes of each. This was most clearly seen on her 2019 debut EP ‘Distant Television Studios’, an understated elegy to lost Hollywood that racked up plays and plaudits across the UK.

Emily has now released her new single ‘See You Go’, described as retaining her signature intimacy while moving into new, mercurial territory. Beginning with just vocals and guitar, ‘See You Go’ soon expands into a hazy and heavy rumination on loss. As Emily states:

The idea of the song came about when I began to realise my ongoing fear of losing those around me. I find that when I’m writing, the lyrics usually come true in some way, and I later realise the meaning of the song. But, with See You Go, I wanted to make a joke with myself, that if I consciously describe what my fears are, that maybe I would have power over them, and that they might not actually come true this time. It’s also a surrender to the feeling of loss, and it reminds me that I am equipped to deal with all kinds of loss now. 

These themes are cleverly mirrored in the structure of See You Go, with the verses detailing two different visions of seeing someone leave; the first in an altered state while the second within a late night scene. It’s daring approach that embellishes upon the rich instrumentation in each half and reflects a enigmatic thread running through Emily’s back catalogue. Yet, the recording process itself was highly spontaneous, with Emily and old friends reuniting to flesh out her songwriting:

I recorded the song with my friend Tom Gilbert. He played in an old band of mine, Skeleton Frames, and we arranged the idea in one day at his studio No Luck Recordings. Not having my usual players made the process slightly different, but I think the outcome suits my progression into new genres. An old friend Tom Stephens played bass and did a wonderful job putting together a part that drives the song. The three of us started the day not really knowing what the song would be, and ended it feeling reconnected as musicians again.

Emily’s far-reaching standout vocal harmonies capture this profound enchanting attribute whilst this compelling emotional outreach can be found from the tones, elongated notes, and the flawless dynamic range. Lashes upon lashes of these immersive sweeping melodies consume the audience and the softer passages are pushed to an intensive incline when the emerging fierce guitar tone adds a powerful emphasis to the vocal notes. The ensemble drives through this building soundscape heading to the intense peaks. The instrumentation plays on the ethereal yet honest atmosphere that Emily has crafted, never once stepping out of line but complimenting the rich tonality and expressive movement. This release emits a real organic formation mirrored from the textures and the intimate lyrical course.

The new single is quite frankly spellbinding, the atmosphere so vivid and the power of every attribute contributes to this mammoth design.

The new single is out today via Breakfast Records

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