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Fair Weather Records + The Ghost Is Clear Records Presents Brighter Arrows ‘Divisions and What It Is To Abide’

June 20, 2012

Back in October we introduced you to a prosperous and admirable label Fair Weather Records. Originally Audubon Records and Rive Records. Together  they combined their powers to create the ultimate independent label in Connecticut, ‘Fair Weather Records’. A respectable label who has been highly recommended from ourselves and regularly featured on the site. This label established themselves by uniting a punk community and releasing a benefit compilation. Since then their forces have been unstoppable.

Fair Weather Records have now teamed up with The Ghost Is Clear Records to release Brighter Arrows ‘Divisions and What It Is To Abide’.

Brighter Arrows are an uplifting act. The Indiana band takes the raw energy of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and The Casket Lottery and adds precise instrumentation and emotive vocals to the mix. Formed in the Summber of 2010- the Midwest quartet have matured musically to create a fresh 6 song EP.  Jake Norris, John Olds, Colin May and Jamie Dougherty have united their passion to create a tentative release.

Their 6 song EP blends heartfelt post rock, distinctive hooks and fills, shimmering guitars and a combination of both piercing and harsh vocals to achieve an innovative and strong release.

Streaming below in its entirety is ‘Divisions and What It Is To Abide’.


1. Departing
2. ivi
3. Severance
4. In Its Wings, A Wind Has Wrapped Them
5. Of One Accord
6. N

Synth/Auxiliary: Jamie Dougherty
Bass: Owen Mallon
Guitar: Colin May
Vocals/Guitar: Jake Norris
Drums: John Olds

Released 09 June 2012
Recorded by Mike Lust. Mixed by Matt Jordan. Mastered by Carl Saff.

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