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Memorial Share Cover Of Fontaines D.C’s “A Hero’s Death” Taken From Forthcoming Covers EP

June 24, 2021



 British duo Memorial are excited to share a recording of ‘A Hero’s Death”, a song by Irish post-punk band, Fontaines D.C.

The track is the first to be shared from a forthcoming new covers EP, released on the 3rd September, which will also feature covers of Solange, Nirvana, and Warpaint. A Hero’s Death launches today with a video directed by Jake Dypka. The cover marks a stark change of pace from the propulsive original recording by the Irish band. Memorial strip things right back, slow things down and take a genteel approach to their reimagination of the song.

Memorial have created such a heartfelt and tender re-imagining of a classic hit. Creating this truly intimate arrangement that oozes endless emotional attachment, honest influence, and expressive delicate harmonies. Memorial’s take on this ensemble allows their compelling energy to run amok throughout the course of this release, there is simply no way the audience can’t find a pure connection to the ensemble and to the impressive outfit. The emotional range Memorial capture within all their work pushes their vision to new depths. They allow this emotional current to flawlessly cascade throughout their explorations and become a trait we can all fixate on.

Speaking of the covers process, Memorial revealed: “We really love discovering new music. It’s always an endless pursuit. Over the years we’ve always shared new finds with each other; scrutinising, loving and learning each other’s taste. But now that we’re a band, live in each other’s pockets and write together all the time, covering music has felt like a really cathartic and fluid way to continue to push ourselves creatively and continue finding new music through one each other’s unique taste.

To us, lyrics are paramount to connection through music. Good lyrics create a borderless listening experience, where no matter what genre, if it feels sincere and relatable, it’s almost impossible to not feel impacted or attached in a personal way. It’s always been such an integral part of our music, but we realised that our choice of songs for this EP we’re actually driven, often subconsciously, by that sense of connection. We’re always drawn to sincerity and emotion and are passionate about the therapeutic properties of music. To be able to relate or learn more about yourself through someone else’s experience is invaluable and it’s nice to know that we’ve instinctively chosen songs for this EP that have made an impact on us. Whether it’s cut us up, helped us not feel alone or attached themselves to our memories and continue to move with us. All good music is doing one thing, connecting.

On A Hero’s Death: “A Hero’s Death is an incredible song. It’s immediate and creates this constant rising buzz of energy, which is intrinsic with the lyrics, like it’s persuading you to lift yourself out of whatever lull you’re in. It was one of those songs that found us when we needed it. Covid lockdown had taken its toll, the inner demons, lethargy, monotony had all made themselves pretty comfortable in our everyday lives and this song just connected and kept pulling us out of that murky water. It’s so important for us to feel connected to what we’re playing, whether it’s our songs or someone else’s. If our hearts aren’t in it, it doesn’t feel or flow in the same way.

“Flow pretty much dictated the whole vibe, in terms of how we approached this Fontaines D.C. song. We were really drawn to the melody of the oohs in the intro of the original and found our chord progression from that melody. It immediately had this darkness about it, which was exciting because separated us from the original, but it also felt like territory we hadn’t explored before, which is something we are always searching for.”

Memorial are a young duo, Jack and Ollie. Neither are in any great hurry, with their songwriting process originally found spent solo, several hundred miles apart in Brighton and Manchester. It’s an unorthodox process that works. You’d presume they were sharing the same mic, let alone the same room. Intrinsically connected note by note.

The duo is signed to Lucy Rose’s Real Kind Records.

EP Tracklisting:

A Hero’s Death (Fontaine’s DC)

Cranes in the Sky (Solange)

Come As You Are (Nirvana)

Baby (Warpaint)

Listen to Memorial’s releases via YouTube HERE

Memorial Live:

24th June – Guildford (supporting Chartreuse)

27th June – Blackpool (supporting Chartreuse)

28th June – Manchester (supporting Chartreuse)

1st July – London, Omeara (supporting Chartreuse)

6th July – Liverpool (supporting Chartreuse)

7th July – Brighton (supporting Chartreuse)

8th July – Southampton (supporting Chartreuse)

19th August – London, St. Pancras Old Church

20th August – Brunswick, Brighton

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