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Kai Kwasi Shares Debut Single ‘unt’ + Signs to Play It Again Sam

May 23, 2021
Photo credit: Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

Kai Kwasi Shares Debut Single ‘unt’ + Signs to Play It Again Sam

South East-London’s Kai Kwasi shares his debut single ‘unt’- a gorgeous introduction to the 21-year-old songwriter, producer and creative, out now on Play It Again Sam (Ghostpoet, Anna of the North, Westerman). With a background in photography and film, Kai has a very visual approach to his music, and ‘unt’ arrives accompanied by a self-directed video, shot in an abandoned London flat that was earmarked for demolition. Kai has also shared B-side track ‘lakitu,’ a further insight into his artistic approach. 

unt playfully consists of real-world samples to start the ensemble, this rhythmic passage emerges with a soulful surge of a sultry brass burst. Feeding this theme of reality throughout, the additional samples that weave through the tender structure, offer this organic feel to the overall vibe. This arrangement has been carefully crafted and unites the audience to the artist by allowing intimacy to dazzle within the environment.

The moment Kai’s tonality and tender vocal traits distinctly find their path within the exploration, we find ourselves hypnotized by the crisp and commanding vocal notes. Increasingly the vocal harmonies captivate whilst fusing this striking abundance of emotionally charged lyrics with a soft and expressive delivery. A minimalist landscape compliments the alluring vocal harmonies, minimalist in terms of the controlled intensity and immersive sound placements, Kai crucially captures these precise tones, piercing chimes, swaying rhythms, samples and keys. Together Kai moulds this vibe which speaks to the listener and alters their perception, the rich textures assist with challenging the audience to slow down and embrace the moment, here and now with unt.

Of the track and video, Kai comments; “I recorded ‘unt’ in my room on a broken audio interface with one of those podcaster mic stands. In short, the song is about not being sure if you’re doing things right. The video draws parallels between moving and relationships. You move in, fill the space, paint the walls and move out. I made the vídeo with a friend from college (Clay Milner Russell). The idea was to keep it fun, and that’s pretty much what we did. They were knocking down the flats we used so it was the perfect excuse to take liberty and do things we wouldn’t be allowed to do elsewhere.”

With the encouragement of his friends and self-confessed biggest inspirations, including the likes of Joy Crookes, KarimThaPeasant, Jiovanni Jemndi, VINO, Looms, and Don Feeble Jr, Kai found a natural home for himself as a musician. On their support, he comments; “Generational talents and my best friends, they all inspire me more than anything in the world and I can call them at any time of the day, imagine…”

‘unt’ is out now on Play It Again Sam

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