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Discover Magi Merlin – New Single + Video “To The Beach” Out Now

May 23, 2021
Lawrence Fafard

Magi Merlin

Shares new single “To The Beach”

Montréal-based alternative R&B and neo-soul artist, Magi Merlin is today sharing her new single, “To The Beach”,the latest installment of a larger body of work titled Weather Music. The full collection comes as a deconstructed album with each release marking a different season, this particular piece being the one of spring, a time of growth, change, and catharsis. The new music, produced by FunkyWhat, arrives with a video directed by M A Ï L I S which you can watch below.

This deep beat fills the immediate silence and boldly kicks off the proceedings, the ambiance throughout is manipulated to push, stretch and intensify the aura. The delicate yet unique vocal notes from Magi Merlin joins the ensemble with this swirling array of electronic textures. The raw lyrics conquer the vision for this release, with the intimate performance from Magi Merlin, we embrace the personal attribute and understand the emotional emphasis put into every lyrics and every soaring melody. Magi Merlin controls the overall vibe of the release and by pioneering that responsibility captivates the audience and places them at the heart of the atmosphere. “To The Beach” leaves a lasting impression.

Underpinned by an uncompromising introspection while exploring themes surrounding her own racial identity, love, and personal growth, “To The Beach” follows on from her recent EP, Drug Music, and a string of standalone singles which have found her opening for the likes of Chiiild,  R.A.P Ferreira and the cyborg rapper, Orrin. Merlin’s music ties together a diverse set of influences, spanning from the likes of Childish Gambino and SZA to Radiohead’s In Rainbows, Hyukoh’s 23, and Tim Maia’s World Psychedelic Classics, Vol. 4 knotting together this scintillating web of syrupy R&B and experimental electronic textures.

Magi uses her music as a way of processing deeply personal emotions, it’s a method of catharsis with this particular single also marking one of her more intimate cuts. “I tend to overshare through my music, I use it as a tool to process the more important moments in my life,” she explains. “‘To The Beach” is the perfect example of that creative process. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my father. I wrote this song after deciding I no longer wanted to speak with him. This track allowed me to sing my way to catharsis.

When discussing the accompanying visual, director, M A Ï L I S says: “I wanted to create a music video where we can feel an evolution on several levels. With each layer of clothing that Magi takes off, she’s feeling more and more light and free. It’s about winning confidence throughout the process of showing vulnerability and accepting that some things won’t be part of us anymore. And at the end, there’s nothing to hold her back.”

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