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Sam Barnes Releases New Single “Wired World” Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co. | Single Feature

April 4, 2021

Sam Barnes Releases New Single “Wired World” Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co.

Wired World is the brand new single from Welsh composer and songwriter Sam Barnes, released 29th March on the Welsh label Rose Parade Recording Co. A standalone single, ‘Wired World’ is released in anticipation of his debut album due August 2021.

Having been writing and recording music since the age of 10, this project is the first glimpse of a long-anticipated culmination of a life in music. Both as a composer for television and film (finding acclaim with S4C’s Hinterland and
Hidden) and as a performer (Boy Azooga, Teddy Hunter, Rhodri Brooks) Sam is revered by his peers for creating impeccable sonic landscapes and exceptionally crafted melodies. This is echoed in ‘Wired World’, a character study of malaise, falling short of expectations and the desire to enact change in stasis.

Signing with Rose Parade Recording Company in early March, this is the first opportunity for the public to explore Sam’s sonic world, having kept his work almost secretive up until now.

With the enthralling new ensemble, Sam Barnes has created this melodic masterpiece destined to move you. The composition opens with the snippet of immediate enchanting experimentation building this aura before the abrupt drum beat allows the next progression of this release. Sam’s luscious vocal notes delicately join the harmonic atmosphere and the lyrics provide this raw and challenging attribute, but more than anything Sam offers up this personal lyrical journey. As the gentle vocal notes cascade over the tentative creation, the surging melody provides an abrupt contrast to the dreamy piece. The cello adds this elongated peak to the structure and brings its own intricate addition to the complex nature of this vision and then the additional wind instruments form this essential bed for the vocal notes to sit against.

This delicate instrumentation will utterly compel you, Sam Barnes develops this balladesque arrangement.  The rich release is filled with rhythmic hooks and divine drum beats and assists in crafting this progressive notion that sways the movement and in turn offers this gentle, chill vibe emitting from the melody. The atmosphere is sonically sublime and quick to lose yourself within. Easily one of the most powerful yet fragile compositions of this year.

Describing the process, Sam writes, “Songs can come together in the space of half an hour, or sometimes years. I work between instruments to develop a harmony and structure, creating demos that allow me to experiment with tone and colour. Over time this experimentation continues, usually in between other projects, by way of me listening to recorded versions around the house; passively listening. As time goes by, I aim to be less precious with ideas, working more instinctively until the final product is nearly complete.

For ‘Wired World’ this included recording with drummer and bandmate Davey Newington, cellist Kirsten Miller and multi-instrumentalist Joe Northwood (flute and clarinet) all of whom adapted to the lockdown restrictions by recording at home. Adapting to these conditions Sam demonstrates his impeccable production and engineering skills creating a sonic aesthetic unique to his own brand of psychedelic balladry. Invoking master songwriters such as Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Paul Simon, Sam’s work remains distinctively his own by crafting a delicate and nuanced experience from just 12 notes.

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