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Bandicoot Set To Release New Single “FUZZY” 9th April via Libertino Records | Single Special

April 4, 2021

Bandicoot Set To Release New Single “FUZZY”

Due 9th April via Libertino Records

As we said at the start of this new year, 2021 is destined to be the year of Bandicoot. The Welsh 4 piece recently joined the impressive Libertino family, that amalgamation alone showcases the talent that Bandicoot conveys. Libertino Records have this remarkable knack for introducing so many talented outfits and their must-hear records.

Now Bandicoot are set to release their gripping new single “FUZZY”, a standout follow-up single to their phenomenal debut single “Dark Too Long”. 

Bandicoot’s description of their new single FUZZY perfectly incapsulates its timeless,  joyful energy … “FUZZY is a deranged attempt at seduction which draws on 70s ‘Top of the Pops’, glam rock and memories of misguided adolescence.”

According to Bandicoot “FUZZY is a strutting statement of intent, fizzing with energy, rolling relentlessly on. It captures the energy that we’re bursting with, cooped up in our homes, awaiting the return to the stage. And a triumphant, ferocious return it will be”

This frivolous drum fill opens the dynamic new ensemble from the ever so promising Bandicoot. Seriously, the impressive opener from the percussion will automatically hook your attention. The guitar riffs emit this fierce tone as the notes build up the budding structure and the rough tone itself becomes this critical component to the infectious attitude that Bandicoot conveys and captures so proudly within their vision. The vocal harmonies offer this lifting attribute soaring across the brash yet contagious textures. The guitar finds space in the arrangement to explore the soundscape and push the boundaries whilst delivering this notable solo.

As the composition keeps the intensity of the structure at an all-time high, the atmosphere embraces this sudden 50’s rock temperament infused with a slight hint of 70’s glam rock shines on the single, as this commendable resurrection rears its head and alters the power of this quick paced ferocious triumph. After 1minute 30 and bolting towards the finale, this exquisite and consuming bass tone emerges and uses their notes to push the exploration into the final few bars before the outfit unite to push all their collective energy into this explosive finale that the audience by no means was ever expecting. The colossal crescendo will leave you equally in awe and equally desperate for more.

At just 2 minutes 12, Bandicoot has created an absolutely essential hit. It’s both buoyant and brash and displays this cherished chaos that only Bandicoot can curate. The outfit’s energy easily becomes this focus for this release. It’s the perfect hit for a world emerging back into the world, it will move you and providing a lasting impression. Hit play once more and find yourself immersed in the charming landscape that Bandicoot builds. This act is fearless and embraces the adventurous side of musicianship.




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