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Twin Stranger Set To Release New Single “Early Dreamer” Due March 17th via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Feature

March 7, 2021

Twin Stranger Set To Release New Single “Early Dreamer” Due March 17th via Rose Parade Recording Co

As summer approached last year, giving signs of a break and some hope and as the weather changed amongst our restrictions, we were introduced to the sounds of Twin Stranger. In May 2020 we featured the promising outfit and their single “Crushed”, a new composition that we instantly found so striking, the track uplifted the audience and came at a time when this was exactly what we needed.

Now, to celebrate the arrival of Spring and ready to dominate 2021, Twin Stranger returns with their powerful new composition “Early Dreamer”, due digitally March 17th via the equally powerful Rose Parade Recording Co.

Twin Stranger is an act that is described as being birthed out of a history of working on the road and the studio with artists such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sonic Boom, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Twin Stranger’s frontman Alex McConnachie has already spent a lifetime inspired by some of the most influential names in alternative music.

These artists heavily influence the direction of Twin Stranger‘s songwriting skills and ability to captivate their audience.

The act started as a bedroom recording project before Alex turned the outfit into a full quartet consisting of Alex, Joe Tobin (Synth/Guitar), Eric Karvik (Drums), and Josh Newington (Bass).

As “Early Dreamer” commences, the release instantly gravitates the audience’s attention to the deep vocals that bounce off the raw guitar notes. As soon as the orchestration begins, your attention is fixated on the flow of this release. 30 seconds into the exploration, the power rapidly emerges and controls the magnitude of this vision. Angular notations join the soundscape and can be found in the instrumental break-downs, another compelling addition to the landscape of “Early Dreamer“.

Twin Stranger has carefully crafted an immersive hit. A track with this solid beat, ardent rhythms, and far-reaching vocal notes. “Early Dreamer” brings personal honesty into the forefront of the musical design, a real indie triumph. As the single flows, at 2 mins 38, the track dynamically shifts its course and tension and suddenly the energy intensifies providing this explosive appeal. At this turning point, the outfit introduces this infectious chorus-laden entity creating this addictive hook for the fierce final crescendo. This intoxicating bass tone breaks down and compliments the deep drum fills which lead to the finale ending on this tender lyrical statement.

Be sure to check out Twin Stranger across social media and celebrate the release with them March 17th via Rose Parade Recording Co.

Listen to the single here: https://ffm.to/66bvowb





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