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Memorial Share Second Single “Love Is A Kind Of Sadness”

March 27, 2021


Memorial are very pleased to share a second single, Love Is A Kind Of Sadness. It is released via Lucy Rose’s independent label, Real Kind Records.

Memorial introduced themselves back in January with their debut single, Moth To A Flame. It arrived at a time of great political turmoil in both sides of the Atlantic, and whilst the world is far from a place of peace and love now, the early shoots of Spring at least suggest some promise of happier, brighter times.

Love Is A Kind Of Sadness arrives at a similar pace to that first offering, gently and in no great rush. It’s a beautifully impactful lament, and a lullaby for the temples. A Saturday night closer, or a Sunday morning mood-piece, Memorial fit perfectly between the cracks to deliver this Simon & Garfunkel-toned beauty.

Love Is A Kind Of Sadness is co-produced by their label boss Lucy Rose, and follows her co-production work on the band’s first single too (Lucy’s first work in the production chair).

Memorial: “Love Is A Kind Of Sadness is about a plethora of ways that love can be a kind of sadness. It felt like we were writing a book at the time. Half the song came so quickly and naturally, but the last verse took over a month. It felt too important to us, to let it end weakly.

“The song is very loosely conceptual. The first verse is based on a personal experience in a hotel room, that butterfly in the stomach feeling of knowing what you want, but knowing it’s out of reach or forbidden and you’re just tiptoeing on the line of what is acceptable. That experience inspired us to think of what else could be going on in the rooms of that hotel. We made characters out of people we knew and wrote with a similar feeling and put them all in different rooms.

“We wanted the video to be one shot and one take, in order to bring focus to the lyrics. Through the long lockdown walks we found an amazing location and thought it would be amazing as a backdrop. We did a couple of rehearsal takes before the real one and the roughing up was so ferocious Jack fell off his stool and we almost lost it, gathering speed down the hill behind us. Think the delight taken in beating us up, did wonders for how it turned out. “

A very important composition, focusing on the fragile lyrics and the equally fragile vocal harmonies. The track proudly showcases the delicate nature of this subject matter against this soft ensemble, as the track progresses this mighty crescendo kicks up the intensity and goes hand in hand with the severity of the words. The new single embarks on this honest journey capturing lashes of soul, serenity and spirit. It’s a brave and bold matter captured with the most emotive appeal.

Memorial are a duo, Jack and Ollie. Neither are in any great hurry, with their songwriting process originally found spent solo, several hundred miles apart in Brighton and Manchester. Voice memos zipped across the internet, all half thoughts and feelings seeking the other’s encouragement.  It’s a career just two songs deep, but already they’ve got Lucy batting for their side, US queen Courtney Marie Andrews offering them tour support, and bags of enthusiasm between them all suggesting that, just maybe they’re on to something here.

There’s lots still to come from Memorial, with a full-length record receiving its final touches and flourishes.

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