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Madi Diaz Shares New Single/ Video “New Person, Old Place”

March 25, 2021
Photo Credit: Alexa King

Madi Diaz Shares New Single/ Video “New Person, Old Place”

Nashville-based songwriter Madi Diaz releases her new single/video, “New Person, Old Place.” Madi recently marked a full restart of her career with the evocative “Man In Me,” a first offering showing how she’s capable of distilling profound feelings with ease. While “Man In Me” took Madi through her first steps of a really hard time, “New Person, Old Place” presents her further down the road, after processing the pain and loss of a breakup. She uses specific diction to describe feelings that are typically hard to verbalize: “I used to stay up on the off chance that you might call me back //  I used to go shopping for pain go through pictures it’s all I had // I’d sift through our memories and live there even when I wasn’t sad //  I used to, I used to, but now I don’t that.”

Madi elaborates: “This was a moment I realized I wanted to start to learn how to do it not better, not worse, but just different… and then something shifted. Something in my heart finally knocked loose and I was breathing deeper. It’s hard as hell, breaking patterns and unlearning all the old shit, trying to shut all the doors that I used to open to let all the same hurt happen over and over. I’m at least learning to find new doors. ‘New Person Old Place’ is a mantra. A line that I’m casting into the future so that I have something to guide me forward. It’s something of a reminder that if my heart is the house that I carry with me wherever I go, I can take it somewhere new, or I can do the same old thing I always do but backwards or with a cartwheel, and I can repaint and I can rearrange the furniture. I can clean the mirrors so I see myself true and clear.”

The “New Person, Old Place” video was directed by $ECK and shot in Madi’s pickup truck throughout Nashville. The video follows Madi on a journey to the salvage yard, driving different versions of herself there to face her history.

Madi Diaz will move you to your core. “New Person, Old Place” approaches this intense fragility mirrored in the raw lyrics and executed with the humble notes plucking against the elongated strings. Such an honest composition that showcases endless emotion yet in all this is a cathartic, changing experience. The single will not only move you but bring a level of acceptance from the last verse, the words reach you to you and powerfully connect.

Madi Diaz will cause a stir with your affections delivering this soaring composition filled with electrifying pulses of emotional enrichment. Stunning vocal melodies captivate the intimacy from the honest lyrical deliverance.


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