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The Body Share New Video For “A Pain Of Knowing” – Directed By Alexander Barton

February 12, 2021

The Body Share New Video For “A Pain Of Knowing”

Directed By Alexander Barton

The Body have shared the searing, striking video for I’ve Seen All I Need To See track “A Pain Of Knowing,” directed by Alexander Barton.

As a collaborator and the artist behind the design of the album, Barton filmed a collection of vignettes and textures to “elaborate on the album’s aesthetics and sounds of dissolution and analogue mortification.” 

This harrowing exploration reflects the intensive beats and waves of fierce distortion that obliterates this track. The brutal drone delivery keeps you pulled in as does the new visuals. The band has crafted this colossal creative universe and you will be thrown into the path of that destruction. The Body continues to craft monumental orchestrations, laced with drama and vast complexities.

The Body is a prolific musical force whose creativity is matched only by the astonishing weight of their sound. Duo Lee Buford and Chip King have established their own musical language that reimagines how rhythm, dynamics, and sonics can shape or dismantle song structure. Over the course of two decades, the duo has consistently challenged assumptions and defied categorization, redefining what it means to be a heavy band. On their new album, The Body are again pushing limits and testing the boundaries of the studio to explore the extremes and microtonality of distortion to find its maximal impact. 

I’ve Seen All I Need To See is The Body at their most incisively bleak, a towering monolith of noise. The Body’s Lee Buford recently announced the debut album from his new duo Manslaughter 777 alongside MSC’s Zac Jones. Manslaughter 777’s World Vision Perfect Harmony, out 26 March, blends bracing and imaginative takes on rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats, hip hop and beyond for a phantasmagoria of bristling drumscapes.

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