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Chelsea Wolfe Releases New Video For “Anhedonia” Her Latest Single ft. Emma Ruth Rundle

February 12, 2021
Photo By Kristin Cofer 

Chelsea Wolfe Releases New Video For “Anhedonia” Her Latest Single ft. Emma Ruth Rundle

Chelsea Wolfe has shared new video for her latest single, “Anhedonia” which features vocals and guitar by labelmate Emma Ruth Rundle. Wolfe joined efforts with stop motion editor and video producer Cressa Beer for a moving creation that reflects grief and loneliness, yet brings hope that with time and support, healing is possible.

 Cressa explains, “The core idea of the video came from an artist and mutual friend that Chelsea and I both love – Jess Schnabel (Blood Milk Jewels) – who created a ‘grief moth’ inspired by real moths that drink the tears of sleeping birds. It’s an idea I’ve wanted to animate for a while. So, that became the backbone of the project: the lifecycle of a moth literally born from overwhelming sadness. From there, the video grew into a reflection of what I was experiencing during quarantine, as I found myself confronting my own grief and deeply rooted trauma.  I suffer from PTSD that envelops me like a black void. I wanted to visually articulate how that feels, as well as feelings like disassociation and loneliness; the way that trauma can physically alter your body and mentally reshape the world around you.  But still, the moth can fight its way out, can fly, can follow the light; just like the comfort in the final verse of the song, I wanted to still show that healing is possible.”

Chelsea Wolfe creates another intimate and honest exploration, crafting this deeply sensitive track that courageously captures real sentiment and dramatic structures. Then Emma joins the composition and the profound vocal harmonies of these two heroic forces, unite and project a magnitude of emotive devotement. The arrangement digs deep into these tender textures which blister throughout the captivating composition. The two entwining melodies from both Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth allure the audience as they emit a form of gothic romanticism. A truly striking movement.

Chelsea Wolfe has spent her career making music that’s as fascinating as it is undefinable. Built on seven studio albums and numerous tours of consistently powerful performances around the globe, Wolfe’s work has transformed itself repeatedly throughout her 10-year career. Her earlier records exposed the intimacy of folk music with a doomed, bleak aesthetic (The Grime and the GlowApokalypsisUnknown Rooms). She later immersed herself in a sonic intensity approaching the electronic industrial (Pain Is BeautyAbyss), sludge metal (Hiss Spun) and on her latest (Birth of Violence), Wolfe masterfully returned to her folk roots. Although her approaches are experimental, she deliberately ties together her discoveries in rich textures and haunting melodies, digging into the viciousness and pain of the world to find its beauty.


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