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Blue Amber Set To Release New Single “Welsh Girl” – Out March 1st via Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club

February 28, 2021
Bethan Miller

Blue Amber Set To Release New Single “Welsh Girl”

Out March 1st via Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club

Cardiff-based band Blue Amber announce their second single to be released through Rose Parade Recording Co.’s Singles Club, Welsh Girl, which will be out Monday 1st March.

The new track is described as an atmospheric indie folk offering with a hip hop edge, the song was written and recorded in lockdown as a solo track by lead vocalist and saxophonist Drew Noel with extra production work by Henry Simm. Welsh Girl sees a gentler, lighter side to Blue Amber compared with the experimental jazz/post-punk hybrid of past single ‘Old Breed, Pt. II’ and the brooding ‘Red Moon Song’.

The track heavily samples American psych folk musician Jessica Risker’s 2018 song Anyway When I Look In Your Eyes with Drew Noel explaining:
Welsh Girl came about during a tumultuous time in my life, the days and nights blending into each other, all sense of time lost. The instrumental was influenced by the Psychedelic Hip Hop of Kids See Ghosts, the mix of sampling and folk of The Books and the sweet, honest songwriting of Jessica Risker. The lyrics were inspired by vivid dreams and flashbacks of a past relationship against the backdrop of a country at war with itself. The hook of the song was written and performed by Jessica Risker, who kindly let us sample her on this record.”

Welsh Girl consumes you. The perfect track to showcase the impressive vision that Blue Amber crafts and conveys. Using various influences across multiple genres and delivering this tender yet innovative soundscape that emits such an exclusive and original appeal.

With “Welsh Girl” the outfit focus on the first reaction to the composition based on the immediate complex aura. This warm atmosphere opens the composition’s proceedings and invites the listener into this magical world built by Blue Amber. Initially, this slightly playful yet ominous soundscape emerges and kicks the track off with the elongated notes that create this sumptuous bed, in which the impressive tone and guitar strings collide with the tender experimental tweaks. Then you are introduced to the infectious lyrics. Lyrically this dynamic wordsmith delivers this gentle yet ultimately intimate journey. The vocal notes linger and create such a lasting impression.

The exploration then momentously breaks its movement at 1mins 7 for the addition vocal harmonies, the arrival of the crucial sample of Jessica Risker as mentioned above. This is the perfect accompaniment to this creation. The additional harmonies deliver this contrasting appeal to the brooding vocal notes and fast flow which went before and provided the essential verses to the release. Risker’s tone adds this soft touch and far-reaching effect. Breaking the chorus with this emotionally charged execution. Twisting between the two harmonies creates this bittersweet pull to the single.

The abundance of elements that craft this ensemble unanimously boasts such an ethereal scope. As you find yourself mesmerized by the arrangement, as the track heads to its finale the outfit adds this dazzling chime tone which leads the release to its fragile fade-out. The impact of this creation lingers, the atmosphere engulfs the audience and when it ends this immersive feeling of melancholy crashes above you, you need to hit repeat and let this composition take control.

Blue Amber are a refreshing outfit with the world at their feet.

The full band, comprising of Drew Noel, Kumar Chopra (guitar) and Freyja Elsy (bass/keyboards) are set to release their debut album by the end of 2021. Their explosive live performances have seen Blue Amber be compared to the likes of Black Country, New Road and Black Midi and the band are looking forward to getting back out on the road once venues re-open.





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