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Alex Amor Shares New Track “Motion” Taken From Forthcoming Debut EP Out January 15th

December 4, 2020




Scottish artist Alex Amor drops ‘Motion’ today, the latest single from her from her forthcoming debut EP Love Language, expected for release on the 15th of January 2021 via Believe.

The track joins her previous tracks ‘Prove Me Right’ and ‘The Part With Each Other’, and follows the news of Alex’s inclusion in the first 50 acts announced for The Great Escape Festival 2021. Produced closely by the 23 year-old Glaswegian alongside Karma Kid, the EP documents the progression of a relationship, touching on the complexities and heights of human relations, the restlessness of youth, and the inevitable demise of a relationship when both sides recognise they don’t align.

The new track sees Alex find the silver lining in ephemerality, and is accompanied by a poem and short film which can be viewed here.

In her own words, Alex reflects, “There’s a melancholy to the impermanence of everything but it’s also incredibly freeing – and I wanted to capture that idea in a song. Motion is something we can either flow with or against, and I’m learning to accept that the only thing we can rely on is that nothing stays the same.” 

For Alex Amor, limitation was the key to creativity. In the summer of 2018, the intention to commit to music led to a decision to remove herself completely from distractions. Forgoing a social life, Alex dedicated months to writing and recording music, transforming the cupboard under her parent’s stairs into a makeshift recording studio. This act marked a transitional point for Alex as an artist. She describes this process as wholly liberating, teaching her the power of delayed gratification, and giving her a chance to create rather than just consume. She credits this as being a re-awakening, a catalyst of momentum which followed her as she relocated alone to London. Alex’s life in a new city was marked initially by couch surfing and working in bars. But by the conclusion of her first year, she had also written the songs which would eventually become the Love Language EP. 

Alex Amor is a name that is destined to be a household favorite. Alex carries this sublime and distinctive voice that allures the audience into the emotive essence of the lyrics being sung. With “Motion” you easily become fixated on the gentle flowing harmonics and Amor’s stunning tone. The dreamy track exudes this charisma and provides an enchanting effort. The new arrangement is an addictive, heartfelt pop wonder. Sweeping rhythms and intricate electronic layers provide the perfect bed to carry the compelling lyrics at the core of this standout track.

This EP reflects a recent time of my life where I am a woman struggling for autonomy. I’m moving into adulthood and I’m desperately trying to make sense of its complexities. Though there’s no happy resolve at the end of the EP, I feel more self-assured than ever, more me than I’ve ever been. Naturally evolving, my ethos remains the same: to stay true to my intuition and try my best every day.” 

Hailing from suburban Glasgow, Alex grew up singing in choirs, inspired by their ethereal sound as much as she was the lyricism and syncopation of rap. Whilst music always enriched her life, Alex’s compulsion towards creativity first led her to art school where she studied textile design, creating garments which experimented with tailored simplicity and bold patterns. This appreciation for duality is not lost when translated to Alex’s music, which is inspired widely by her fascination with the intersection of opposing forces. “The EP title, Love Language, is a reference to Gary Chapman’s book ‘The Five Love Languages’ which expands on the 5 different ways humans show affection in a relationship. The title track is about a relationship that fails to align in that way. Opposites can sometimes attract but in this case, they repel. I am obsessed with paradox and juxtaposition – calm and chaos, dark and light, serious and playful. This EP shows both sides of the coin for me too: my cynicism for love and also succumbing to it despite being cautious to begin with.”

Whilst Alex’s music documents her own experiences and passions, it’s as much a vehicle of connection as it is personal reflection. “The lyrics are conversational for a reason: I am speaking directly to people from the heart. There’s an overarching theme of positivity in my music, the idea that it’s okay if things aren’t okay but there’s always hope that things will get better.”

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