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Astroturf Inspector Set To Release Debut Album “My Bones Are Singing” due 8th April via New Teeth | Album Review

April 5, 2022

Astroturf Inspector Set To Release Debut Album “My Bones Are Singing” due 8th April via New Teeth

Edinburgh-based one-man-band Astroturf Inspector is set to release their standout debut album My Bones Are Singing this month, an album that you need to embrace in its entirety. Lead by multi-instrumentalist Daniel Crichton, this project came about by chance when the musician, used to playing guitar and singing backing vocals for bands, decided to start writing his own songs. Inspired by a particularily tough period of the singer’s life and supported by the boredom of lockdown the album was written and recorded in a small bedroom in Leith, Edinburgh using only an iPhone and the instruments and household items surrounding him.

Astroturf Inspector will leave this bold mark on society when the debut album drops at the end of this week. Capturing reflective pieces which resonate amongst the rhythmic journey. The album captures this wide array of emotions throughout as Astroturf Inspector leads their audience into this stirring soundscape.

The recording technique throughout the record truly embraces the essence of re-purposed and assists the lo-fi commitment of this immersive collection of attentive releases. Astroturf Inspector utilizes instruments within their reach to create something that deeply expresses this organic formation which in turn provides something wholly unique. The complexity from each attribute forming layer upon layer of the body of the instrumentation becomes vital to each of the finished tracks building this remarkable album. Together, this technique and this credible record become the ultimate destination that you can lose yourself within.

Astroturf Inspector understands the importance of connection within their craft. Within the lyrics, this tender tonality allows this raw emphasis into the instrumentations and within each track, this addictive melody simply flourishes. Together, the album flows with ease whilst delicate turns and expressive passages keep the audience on their toes.

Tracks such as User Error, which kicks off the album, alongside the standout Devised Notation brings this almighty plethora of stunning textures that wrap around the listener, consuming them always. With the latter weaving in a soundbite to bring a touching, personal addition to the composition. Ramble Roots and Marionettist add a more ardent touch to the proceedings, the depth of the compositions fused with the harrowing lyrical journey once again showcases the range of the artist. Luxury Boredom, a track previously released, instantly allures the audience into the hypnotic ambiance carefully crafted, the ambiance and lo-fi energy become this ultimate hook for the release. Then the vocal notes emerge and the attention gravitates toward the heartfelt influence on this ethereal creation. Bringing this emotional value into the influence with the intimate and insightful lyrical journey. Habitual Habitual nods to the immersive psychedelic traits whilst the intense melody and delicate vocal notes create this track which moves you to your core. Finally, the album ends on the pensive tones of Hunter, a cathartic, intimate, and insightful composition that will strike up your inner-reflective motions.

In all, this is a 12 track record that will alter the audience, lift them, and reach within. Daniel has this impeccable skill to utilize the most visual words amongst the atmospherical creations, rich with a distinct tone, harmonic vocal notes lace each of these reaching releases with this endless emotional pull, and its that pull which connects to the listener. A truly crucial album from start to finish that boasts such unique beauty and charm.

The album is due for release via Leith-based record label New Teeth on the 8th April and is available to pre-order now.



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