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Sen Morimoto Shares ‘Daytime But Darker’ Video – New Album Out Now

November 22, 2020
Photo by Dennis Elliott 

Sen Morimoto

Shares ‘Daytime But Darker’ Video

Taken From Self-Titled New Album, Available Now

Sen Morimoto – the Chicago polymath – delivered his excellent self-titled second album last month and today he’s released a new video from it. While headlining a tour of Japan in 2019, Sen Morimoto and his brother Yuya–a Filmmaker based in Kyoto– shot footage for Sen’s track ‘Daytime But Darker’. 

Shot at the iconic Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo on Halloween 2019, the Morimotos’ set their video against an intersection overflowing with humanity and buzzing with the excitement of the celebration. They finished the video a full year later when Yuya returned to the Shibuya Crossing on Halloween 2020 to capture a dramatically different scene. The result is a video that finds Sen glitching between the exuberance of 2019 and the empty solitude of 2020. Through the lens of Halloween in Shibuya, the brothers captured the ever-growing chasm between Then and Now. 

Sen shares the story of the video’s creation in his own words:

We shot the original video of me lip-syncing through Shibuya Crossing on Halloween in 2019. We’d just finished our tour through Japan and were exhausted but this intersection on one night of the year is notoriously wild. On Halloween the year before cars were getting flipped in the street, so we wanted to see it for ourselves. The idea was just to do a one-take shot through the intersection and add the element of the garbage cleanup as we thought it was interesting that even on the craziest night of the year, the garbage was well managed. Ghosts and ghouls were literally out sweeping the streets. Once we looked back at the video, we realized it lacked something, a narrative device or event, and never released it. What would have been the first single became an album track.” 

A year later Yuya and I looked back at old projects after putting together the video for ‘Jupiter’ and realized how crazy it seems now to go to the most crowded intersection in Tokyo and lay in some garbage and how that small example felt like a microcosm of how much has changed in the world and how we engage with it in just one year. So that night Yuya said what if I just hop on a train to Tokyo tomorrow and film that same intersection a year later and we combine the footage, and then the video for ‘Daytime but Darker’ finally made sense to me. The narrative we couldn’t write took place outside of the video in reality and the element that was missing from it a year ago was perspective.” 

The new record will provide a deeply compelling journey for the listener. Each arrangement flutters and alternates the dynamics throughout. The record exudes honesty, tender trance-like explorations give off a humble element and the album is seriously addictive. Subversive lyrics and brooding electronic instrumentation simply captivate. The soft and lush vocals present throughout assists with the chilled aura, the moreish melodies are captured within the reflective lyrics which allure the listener with its soulful execution. This complex composition focuses on the layers of experimental elements added to the whirling atmosphere created from scratch, yet it’s the powerful vocal delivery that moves you. The sincere and intimate notes resonate that sublime and soulful power.

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