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Rad Releases 21 – Sean Grant

December 18, 2021

Rad Releases 21 – Sean Grant

For the final week 2 weeks of the year, as the countdown to the end of 2021 approaches, we take a personal look back on familiar names, labels, promoters, and musicians’ most loved releases of the past 12 months. It’s a time we enjoy and look forward to, through the contributions we get to find new music discoveries, releases we may have missed throughout the year. When we handed the site over last year for the 2020 feature, our 10th year into our annual special, we loved the contributions and it became apparent that we all found ourselves reconnecting with music new and old. Following another challenging year, the one constant has been how artists and their labels have adapted and produced some of the best records of our time, it’s those releases that fans have depended on to get them through another year.

Now in its 11th year, we are delighted to hand the site over once more, as we let our favourites share more details about their year in music.

Next up is a musician that we’ve loved seeing evolve over the last few years. 2021 was a promising milestone for the musician with the flawless release of the new album. Seeing us out of Spring and into the summer months,  Sean Grant & The Wolfgang unveiled the sophomore album release “33” which come out towards the end of May via Shrink Your World Records. The album itself, a cherished record for the team at Circuit Sweet, is easily one of the most powerful and raw releases we’ve embraced. The stunning work of “33″ will leave an imprint on your world. We hand over to Sean to find out more about their year in music…

  • Top 5 releases of the year:

The Killers – Pressure Machine (Album) 

Brandon Flowers can do no wrong. A beautiful piece of work slightly different to their other stuff stripped back but really important about Brandon’s small town where he grew up with heartfelt songs linked in with personal stories. 

Andy Shauf – Wilds (Album) 

This man could release anything and I would love him. I have yet to see him live as the show was postponed during covid but it’s been moved to march fingers crossed.

Tigercub – As Blue As Indigo (Album)

Huge alt rock bangers they seem to be just getting better and better. Saw them live at a local venue near me and the sound blew me away. Those guitar sounds. PHWOAR.

IDLES – The Wheel (Single)

Their first album was groundbreaking but I’ve kinda drifted away from them. And the album as a whole I’m not overly fussed about but this track just grabbed me reminded me of “Fucking in the bushes” by Oasis, if this isn’t used in a movie or something I’ll be surprised.

Aofie ‘Donovan & Kris Drever – Transatlantic (single)

A beautiful folky / country ditty that is just beautiful and catchy I had a playlist on and it just caught me and I replayed it about 3 times instantly “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road..” Very clever linking in these lyrics. 

  • The best show you have played this year / gig attended

Our first show back since 2018! Castlefest in Luton put on by Vandalsim Begins At Home. Was a wonderful experience to play live again with a new album of material on an amazing curated show surrounded by good people. Nothing can beat that in the moment flow state experience of a live show very grateful to be back out doing it again. 

  • Your own highlight of the year

So many wonderful things have been happening as a byproduct of putting new music out but just releasing the new album, particularly as it’s the first thing I had written, recorded myself, self released after taking an active step back from the big money industry. Just putting new music out there from my heart was enough. 

  • Has there been any record that’s got you through this year?

There’s been a variety of different albums to be honest but I’ve rekindled my love for the band MEW and currently have “MEW And The Glass Handed Kites” on repeat.

  • How have you adapted with releasing/recording/promoting this year?

The whole things been new to me doing it all myself for the first time so it hasn’t really felt like I’ve adapted but kinda started from scratch! I’ve preferred it to be honest I think it gave me space to take my time with everything and I’ve honestly enjoyed the experience more than ever. 

  • Best discovery this year?

The Project Leave The Capital collective. I know it’s not an artist but these people are cut from the same cloth as me, Blaggers Records, Vandalism Begins at Home, Blender, Transmission Radio. It’s just been a fresh of breath air and not only to be re realising a single on Vinyl with them but just to mix with like minded people that really care about grassroots music. Shout out to Ben Barry in particularly we WhatsApp on the regs.

  • Artist/Band to watch for 2022

I’m a little out of touch with “breaking artists” but current local artists i’m enjoying at the moment would have to be Rise Bailey Rise who remixed Bodies of Christ, whatever he releases is insane and I will listen to. Black Borrachero, lead singer Nick Fisher mastered my album and gave a me a sneak listen at their next single and it’s HUGE Alt rock goodness and personal fave and friend of mine Enjoyable Listens, the loveliest man, my spiritual brother and just signed to Fierce Panda and doing some very cool Divine Comedy, Jarvis Cocker type musings. 

  • Plans for the New Year

An 8 date U.K. tour for Project Leave the Capital in February and March which we’re very excited about. Then I plan to release my next album off the back of that early next year which I’m just finishing up at the moment, and we’ll just see where 2022 takes us! 

A huge thank you Sean, we’ve loved the support this year and adore the album you’ve proudly worked on and we look forward to hearing more from SG&TWG in 2022

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