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Order of the Toad Release Second Album “Re-Order of the Toad” Out Now via Reckless Yes + Gringo Records

October 2, 2020

Order of the Toad Release Second Album “Re-Order of the Toad” Out Now via Reckless Yes + Gringo Records

Three-piece Order of the Toad return today with their mighty second album Re-Order of the Toad – available now via independent labels Gringo Records and Reckless Yes. Described as mixing psychedelic pop with baroque influences to be whimsical without being twee and hazey without being insubstantial. 

Formed of Gemma Fleet (The Wharves), Robert Sotelo (Upset the Rhythm), and Christopher Taylor this supergroup have just released their most profound piece yet.

Their new 12 track album is destined to shine. The dynamics of the album flutter throughout their kaleidoscopic journey, keeping the audience on their toes as Order of the Toad delve into such expansive rhythms and transport their audience into their marvelous mystical aura they’ve sculpted and maintained throughout Re-Order of the Toad.

Re-Order of the Toad is such a refreshing new release, showcasing the trio of talented musicians and their ability to mesmerize their audience through their psychedelic tendencies and standout instrumentation.

The vocals flirt and compliment one another with Fleet’s captivating tones commanding your attention, and at times reminiscent to an early Kate Bush- Fleet has such a unique and infectious style. When the deeper brooding, baritone vocals push through, capturing a country-esque style, and reminiscent to the powers of Orville Peck- the combination of vocal harmonies and the power, it just sends chills. The vocals being key as you follow the lyrical world of Order of The Toad, but this band boasts the best tone we’ve come across in a long time. Tantalizing guitar scales, the delicate lush oohs, and ahhs with the choral-style vocal harmonies and the bountiful drum fills and beats, their work is infectious.

As the record flows, one element radiates throughout, Order of the Toad have captured a freestyle 60’s psych atmosphere, exuding their own unique warmth to their arrangements. This vivid energy reflects in each composition, and this aids to the textural depth of this must-hear album.

The new album is issued on black vinyl, CD and digitally artwork is from acclaimed visual designer Raissa Pardini who has also worked with Idles, The Oreilles, and Squid.


https://recklessyes.com/ http://gringorecords.com/

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