Samantha Crain Shares New Track From Forthcoming Album

April 9, 2020




Samantha Crain has shared details of a new single, Holding To The Edge Of Night, from her forthcoming new album.

The track arrives as Samantha and her new record label Real Kind make the decision to push the album’s release back to July. “A Small Death” will now find its release on the 17th July 2020 from its original May scheduling.

Samantha’s UK live shows have also suffered a similar fate, moving from the Spring to July. All prior purchased tickets remain valid for the new dates. Refunds can be sought from point of purchase. See below for full details.

Holding To The Edge Of Night is the third track to be shared from Samantha’s new record, and follows the release of Garden Dove and An Echo.

Listen to Holding To The Edge Of Night HERE

“A Small Death” heralds a fresh new era for Samantha Crain and a hard-fought victory in her relentless battle against illness and injury that at one stage suggested she might never be able to hold and play her guitar again. It makes for an emotionally-charged, richly-textured record, underpinned by Samantha’s poetic way with words and expressive means of delivering them. The album is self-produced.

Samantha took to social media to explain her reasoning for the change of album release date, and reveal more context around this new single, too:

“I hope you are all healthy and hanging in there. I’ve been processing a lot of information and emotions the past few weeks (as I know all of you have), chipping away at the mass and attempting to find my own principles and axioms regarding this unparalleled moment in my life and so many other lives as well. Honestly, it’s hard to have perspective on this because most of us have no experience dealing with anything like this, we are genuinely first-timers floundering our way through this course (so be gentle to yourself and others).

“As far as music and the release of my upcoming album is concerned, my path may differ from others, and that’s fine, we are all trying to make the best decisions we can with the advice we have and our own gut-feelings. So, all told, I’ve decided to move back the release of my new record, A Small Death, to 17th July. I’ve also announced the rescheduling of my UK tour dates to July and all of those tickets are on sale now. In the meantime, I do have a little gift for you though. I’ve decided to release an extra song from the album early to tide you over during this time. It’s called “Holding To The Edge of Night” and it’s available on all streaming platforms today.

“When I wrote this song, I had just gone through a pretty traumatic chapter in my life. I think we can all relate with how things are unfolding in the world as this very moment and, eventually, if not now, people will experience these poignant changes of seeing the world in a new way (as usually happens with any sort of processing of grief). For me (back in 2018 when I was recovering), my nightly walks around Norman, Oklahoma, became my impassioned scenes. Streets that I’d walked down hundreds of times were suddenly the most splendid experiences. I remember the freedom and release I felt as a teenager with a new driver’s license on a late-night drive on the dirt roads of Pottawatomie County, how that feeling had evaded me for so long in my callousing. This song follows my new appreciation of the quiet beauty of the night time theater of my town and the rediscovery of that liberation and loosening. I hope it provides some sense of comfort to you during this time.

“My heart goes out to you all. Sometimes so much that it paralyzes me. In the words of my favorite childhood movie…..Cool Runnings….”peace be the journey.”

“A Small Death” is released through British musician Lucy Rose’s newly formed independent label, Real Kind.

Samantha Crain Live *Rescheduled Dates*:

24th July – Louisiana, Bristol                            Tickets

26th July – Oporto, Leeds                                Tickets

27th July – Stereo, Glasgow                           Tickets

29th July – YES (basement), Manchester        Tickets

30th July – The Courtyard, London                  Tickets

31st July – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton         Tickets

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