Constellation Announces Corona Borealis Series, Extends Pandemic Policy For Artist Support

October 6, 2020


The Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series features extended and previously unreleased tracks by 16 label-affiliated artists. Ranging from 9 to 30 minutes long, each single is accompanied by an experimental film/video. Tracks drop each Thursday in Oct-Nov 2020 and Jan-Feb 2021 and are PWYC for the first 48hrs upon release. Tracks are exclusive to Bandcamp + Vimeo with 100% of proceeds going directly to the artists. The label are not going to add value to Spotify, YouTube, etc with this work. 

Participating artists for Oct-Nov 2020 (in order of appearance): 

Markus Floats,

Efrim Manuel Menuck,

Jessica Moss

,Jason Sharp,

T. Gowdy,

Fly Pan Am,


Joni Void 



In April 2020 Constellation implemented a pandemic policy for immediate artist support, with 100% of digital download revenue from Bandcamp and the label’s own webshop being passed through directly to artists. The policy applies to the label’s entire 23-year catalogue of 150+ releases. The label have been renewing it month-to-month throughout the summer and now officially announce its extension to the end of 2020. The Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series feeds into this initiative. 

The first single to launch the series is “Karl Marx Capital Volume 1 Chapter 33: The Modern Theory Of Colonisation [Abridged]” by Markus Floats.

Markus Floats | "Karl Marx. Capital Volume 1. Chapter 33: The Modern Theory Of Colonisation [Abridged]" from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

 Markus Floats released his Constellation debut Third Album earlier this year to much-deserved acclaim. His new single “Karl Marx. Capital Volume 1. Chapter 33: The Modern Theory Of Colonisation [Abridged]” places an audiobook reading within a shimmering electronic composition of arpeggiation and drone.

The track title is literal. Simone Schmidt (Fiver) made the accompanying lyric video. 

Markus writes: I’m not especially interested in writing lyrics but I recognize that music acts as a podium for the voice, and I try to respect that. In my live performances I use pre-recorded texts (e.g: The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes, an interview with bell hooks, a speech by Toni Morrison etc…) in lieu of lyrics. My objective in using these texts is to spark an interest in the listener. I want you to have questions about what you’ve heard and I want you to seek out more information. At the very least, I want some of those words to find their way into your subconscious to resurface years from now as a random thought on a lazy morning. All this to say, I hope this song makes you want to read Marx. – Markus Floats 

Photo by Stacy Lee


These longform singles will drop weekly in Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021 and will be PWYC (no minimum) during the first 48 hours of release. Each artist’s Constellation digital discography will also be specially-priced on Bandcamp during the week of their single releases. The label simply wishes to enable and encourage ongoing discovery, means-based value, and low-carbon-impact support for active artists in their immediate label community – particularly during these trying times, and in lieu of their usual album-oriented release schedule which resumes in Spring 2021.

Autumn 2020 release schedule
01 Oct  Markus Floats
08 Oct  Efrim Manuel Menuck
15 Oct  Jessica Moss
22 Oct  Jason Sharp
29 Oct  T. Gowdy
05 Nov  Fly Pan Am
19 Nov  Joni Void + N NAO

Winter 2021 release schedule
(track order subject to change)
15 Jan  T. Griffin
22 Jan  Eric Chenaux
29 Jan  Deadbeat & Martin Bakero
05 Feb  Automatisme
12 Feb  Light Conductor
19 Feb  Off World
26 Feb  Sam Shalabi
05 Mar  Jerusalem In My Heart

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