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September 19, 2020

Rosehip Teahouse Share New Single “I Meant What I Said”

Out Now Via Big Indie Records

One of our most cherished acts at the moment-  Rosehip Teahouse have had quite a year already, having released their new EP back in August then since signing with Big Indie Records, the bedroom pop act have now shared their enthralling EP lead single ‘I Meant What I Said’. Once again Rosehip Teahouse delivers a crushingly emotive pop hit, the band continues to craft some of the most beautiful arrangements of our time.

Rosehip Teahouse know how to connect with people through their magical musical output. With the new single, yet again Rosehip Teahouse use their skills to hypnotise. Whilst “I Meant What I Said” begins to take traction, this abudance of etheral electronic waves build up in the background, then the raw lyrics of which so passionately delivered over this instant minimalist setting- it just mesmerizes. The synth elements are gently ticking over whilst the array of powerful instrumentation come together to provide its own instrumental intensity. Despite the honest and somewhat darker reflective lyrics, the contradicting bright shimmering guitar notes and the bold unmissable drum beat which fills the arrangement provides this exhilarating surge of atmospherical powerpop.

 The vocals just wrap around you, they really reach for the audience and the warmth is found within the backbone of this arrangement. Capturing real emotions within the harmonies that have been crafted.  The longing vocal notes and the rich tone exudes emotive appeal, you warm to the vibrant sounds of easily one of the most enthralling singers. With the brooding vocals perfectly clashing against the bright instrumentation, the combination of guitar, bass, drums and synth all carry an air of delicacy. This charm seeps through the energetic bursts of the full band bouncing off one-another.

With debut EP ‘Chillin In The Void’ released late summer to enthusiastic acclaim from press champions and their adorning fans, the band’s ability to intricately balance soothing, emotive lyrics with an impeccably atmospheric sound has not gone unnoticed, and with a second EP arriving this winter, their growing fanbase is only set to be nurtured further.
Detailing the release, Rogers explained:

“I wrote this song a couple of years ago in a time where I was acting purely on emotion, getting overwhelmed and then running away. In this particular situation, I ran away to Copenhagen with my flatmate. The song came to me in the blue shower in our little blue Airbnb. I could have sworn the smell of the shampoo was the exact same as the one used by a person I had cared deeply for, and suddenly I was back sitting in the street next to them, crying and walking away, ultimately ending our relationship. ‘I Meant What I Said’ is my apology note, but I don’t know if they ever heard it”.

Produced by Thomas Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard), Rosehip Teahouse’s ‘I Meant What I Said’ is out now via Big Indie Records and available via all digital platforms.



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